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    Real Advantage

    Artificial intelligence (AI) provides the opportunity to streamline and improve project work, according to PMI's latest Pulse of the Profession® research. Here's how top organizations and project…

  • PM Network

    Ventaja real

    La inteligencia artificial (IA) proporciona la oportunidad de perfeccionar y mejorar el trabajo de los proyectos, según la investigación más reciente de Pulse of the Profession® de PMI. Esta es la…

  • PM Network

    Innovative Outliers

    By Parsi, Novid Static strategies don't last forever. Earlier this year, Uber expanded its strategy from ride-sharing to autonomous bikes and scooters. Beauty subscription service Birchbox developed and rolled out…

  • PM Network

    China's Net Gain

    The 5G revolution has come to China, where the government views the technology as an essential way to boost its economy. From 2015 to 2018, China sponsored projects to build roughly 350,000 cell…

  • PM Network

    IoT Takeover

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic projects may be grabbing headlines around the globe, but a recent survey of tech leaders shows that it's internet of things (IoT) projects that are most…

  • PM Network

    Train of Thought

    PM Network interviews Michael Foster, CIO and CTO at Canadian National, Canada's largest railway.

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    R&D Race

    R&D can be the lifeblood of innovative initiatives, and an October PwC study shows that—across almost all regions and industries—the blood is pumping.

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    Familiar Faces

    By Bishel, Ashley Widespread use of facial recognition technology isn't just for phones anymore. Retail companies are launching projects to drive revenue, cut costs, eliminate theft and improve the customer…

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    Rostos conhecidos

    By Bishel, Ashley O uso difundido da tecnologia de reconhecimento facial não é mais apenas para telefones. As empresas de varejo estão lançando projetos para gerar receita, reduzir custos, eliminar roubos e melhorar…

  • PM Network

    Linha de raciocínio

    PM Network entrevista Michael Foster, CIO e CTO da Canadian National, a maior ferrovia do Canadá.