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    Office Redux

    By Ali, Ambreen | Hendershot, Steve | Hermans, Amanda | Thomas, Jen | Wilkinson, Amy When COVID-19 rocked the global workforce, the reaction seemed obvious: send employees home, if possible. But a return to the office has been far more fitful. In China, real estate firm Cushman &…

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    Excavación profunda

    By Parsi, Novid Los proyectos de mineral de hierro están nuevamente en aumento en Australia. Después de una caída de los precios en 2015, el sector espera ver un aumento en los volúmenes de exportación de mineral…

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    Cavar fundo

    By Parsi, Novid Os projetos de mineração de ferro estão em ascensão novamente na Austrália. Depois que os preços despencaram em 2015, o setor deve ter um aumento no volume de exportação do minério de ferro, de 847…

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    Digging Deep

    By Parsi, Novid Iron ore mining projects are on the rise again in Australia. After prices plummeted in 2015, the sector is expected to see an increase in export volumes of iron ore from 847 million metric tons in…

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    Subiu no telhado

    Uma grave escassez de mão-de-obra ameaça desacelerar projetos habitacionais nos Estados Unidos. Em maio, as construtoras relataram falta de profissionais em 12 das 16 categorias de trabalho, e as…

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    Raise the Roof

    A serious labor shortage is threatening to slow housing projects across the United States. In May, builders reported shortages in 12 of 16 labor categories, with carpenters, framing crews,…

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    Beating the Burnout Beast

    By Bishel, Ashley Engagement is a good thing ... right? New research suggests the answer may not be so black and white. When researchers at Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence this year examined both…

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    Women's Work

    By Jones, Tegan The battle for women's rights has been fought for centuries. But it's taking on an extraordinary and undeniable urgency, with demands for gender equality rising to a roar heard around the world.…

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    A New Kind of Program Manager

    By Gerard, Mario As more organizations seek to build the latest and greatest tech advances, many of them are seeking a new type of program manager: a technical program manager (TPM). Though this is a relatively…

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    Tall Orders

    London, England needs more construction workers, and fast. Project teams are hoping to complete 13 proposed skyscraper projects in the East End by 2026.