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  • Information contingencies in the virtual teams of global new product development projects member content open

    By Lohikoski, Päivi | Kujala, Jaakko | Haapasalo, Harri | Ala-Mursula, Leena Virtual teams are increasingly common in global businesses, and it is easy to establish a team of experts located across the globe, collaborating by email, tele- and web-conferencing, and other…

  • A typology framework for virtual project teams member content open

    By Ludden, Padhraic | Ledwith, Ann In the modern work environment, the need for organizations and people to work on a global level has increased. Today, the team as a grouping of co-located people working for a common purpose is no…

  • Overcoming the computer-mediated communication (CMC) "hump" in project management teams member content open

    By Cunningham, Cory J. | McCloud, Carrie A. To implement computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools and overcome issues of virtual teaming, project managers and their organizations need to employ tactics, rules, and methods that require a…

  • Motivational triggers in projects member content open

    By Wallström, Henrik | Ridderheim, Ylva | Påhlson, Erik | Åkesson, Erik | Landgren, Hanna The existence or absence of motivation among project members can determine whether or not a project succeeds or fails. Establishing and maintaining motivation, however, are difficult tasks for…

  • A typology framework for virtual teams member content open

    By Ludden, Padhraic | Ledwith, Ann | Lee-Kelley, Liz In the modern work environment the need for organisations and people to work on a global level has increased. Today, the team as a grouping of co-located people working for a common purpose is no…

  • Metaphor interactions to develop team relationships and robustness enhance project outcomes member content open

    By Shelley, Arthur This paper reports the findings from an ongoing action research program to assess the impacts of stimulating constructive dialogue around behaviours on team performance, using metaphor as a catalyst…

  • Understanding and managing conflict in a project environment member content open

    By Villax, Celine | Anantatmula, Vittal S. Projects require people who often do not know each other to come together and work together under the pressure of demanding project constraints. As a result, conflict becomes unavoidable largely…

  • Influences of environment and leadership on team performance in complex project environments member content open

    By Thamhain, Hans J. The influences of project environment and leadership style on team performance are examined in a field study of 74 technology-based project teams. The findings provide insight into the business…

  • Improving project team performance through team learning member content open

    By Savelsbergh, Chantal | Storm, Peter This proposal represents a follow-up on a previous investigation, titled “Coping With Stress in Organizational Roles Through Team Learning.” This preceding, descriptive, study showed that role…

  • Knowledge entrainment and project management member content open

    By Söderlund, Jonas Knowledge integration is critical for the effectiveness of technology- and knowledge-based industries. However, previous research has paid limited interest to its preconditions and mechanisms. In…