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  • Project Management Journal

    Investigating the “Socio” in Socio-Technical Development member content locked

    By Hennel, Phil | Rosenkranz, Christoph Team processes, behavior, and agile practices used by team members play important parts in the success of projects. To reap benefits from these highly interactive and social-focused practices, team…

  • Project Management Journal

    Teams and Project Performance member content locked

    By Dasí, Àngels | Pedersen, Torben | Barakat, Lívia Lopes | Alves, Tiago Rangel This article analyzes the relationships between project performance and the team’s ability, motivation, and opportunity (AMO)

  • Project Management Journal

    Interproject Conflict Management through Cooperation in an Enterprise System Implementation Program member content locked

    By Cheng, Fei-Fei | Wu, Chin-Shan | Chang, Jamie Y. T. In this study, based on conflict management theory, we propose that interteam cooperation effectiveness serves as a critical partial mediator between the interteam task conflict and final ES program…

  • Project Management Journal

    Team Collective Intelligence in Dynamically Complex Projects member content locked

    By Hansen, Morten Juel | Vaagen, Hajnalka | van Oorschot, Kim In concurrent engineering projects driven by short delivery times, team performance rests on the team’s capability to quickly and effectively handle different, emergent issues. We conducted an…

  • Colorful Projects

    By Keil, Andrea | Doppelfeld, Dirk | Friedrich, Ralf Fast-evolving technology and innovations in collaboration systems make it easier to compose teams with members who are chosen by their expertise but might be from different locations. These project…

  • PM Network

    Office Redux

    By Ali, Ambreen | Hendershot, Steve | Hermans, Amanda | Thomas, Jen | Wilkinson, Amy When COVID-19 rocked the global workforce, the reaction seemed obvious: send employees home, if possible. But a return to the office has been far more fitful. In China, real estate firm Cushman &…

  • The Innovation Imperative Pulse In-Depth report cover

    The Innovation Imperative

    Organizations must invest in building a culture - and project teams - that can turn cutting-edge ideas into reality, according to new PMI research.

  • PM Network

    What Famous Person Would the Future 50 Want on Their Team?

    We asked the Future 50: What famous person would you want on your project team?

  • Pulse InDepth Report2_Diversity

    A Case for Diversity

    PMI research shows project teams that draw from an array of perspectives and skillsets deliver powerful outcomes.