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    Naturaleza humana

    By Grgurich, Hayley En una era en que una solución de problemas creativa puede determinar el éxito o el fracaso de un negocio, el pensamiento de diseño ha comenzado a generalizarse rápidamente. Al enfocarse en las…

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    Natureza humana

    By Grgurich, Hayley Numa época em que a solução criativa de problemas pode definir o sucesso ou o fracasso de uma empresa, o design thinking está rapidamente saindo das faixas laterais entrando na via principal. Ao…

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    Human Nature

    By Grgurich, Hayley At a time when creative problem solving can make or break a business, design thinking is fast moving beyond the fringe and squarely into the mainstream. By focusing on the people for which projects…

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    The compliance tightrope

    By Somani, Sheilina Boundaries for compliance among members of project teams is rarely discussed; however, conscientious project managers should foster an atmosphere of openness so team members can feel secure enough…

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    Creative genius

    By Hildebrand, Carol Those project-oriented organizations that promote creative work environments are those that provide their project teams with the freedom they need to generate innovative project solutions. This…

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    A project management genie appears

    By Martin, Paula Kay | Tate, Karen Involving team members in decision and risk assessment processes can boost project success.

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    Team accountability

    By Martin, Paula Kay Truly effective project managers share team accountability and decision making rather than employing a directive approach predicated on a false notion that people can be controlled.

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    Reaching consensus

    By Martin, Paula Kay | Tate, Karen This article discusses the T-chart, nominal group technique, and decision matrix as tools for coming to team consensus.