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    Chegar à raiz do problema

    By Smits, Karen O design thinking está em ebulição no mundo dos negócios. Trata-se de uma abordagem iterativa de solução de problemas para projetar produtos e serviços, que se concentra nas necessidades do usuário…

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    Hasta la raíz del problema

    By Smits, Karen El pensamiento de diseño hace furor en el mundo empresarial. Como un enfoque iterativo de resolución de problemas para diseñar productos y servicios, se enfoca en las necesidades de los usuarios…

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    Get to the Root of the Problem

    By Smits, Karen Design thinking is all the rage in the business world. An iterative problem-solving approach for designing products and services, it focuses on end-user needs and challenging assumptions. But oddly,…

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    Chernobyl Recovered

    By Parsi, Novid Cleaning up the worst nuclear accident in history has taken more than 30 years -- and a nonstop cluster of high-risk projects. But the final phases of remediation for the Chernobyl nuclear power…

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    From Idea to Reality

    Creativity isn't always one genius magically coming up with a brand new idea. At most organizations, it's a collaborative process. To ensure that process always ends with a happy client, branding…

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    Common ground

    By Sullivan, Tom Managing a virtual team composed of members located worldwide involves numerous and obvious--and not so obvious--challenges: Lack of face-to-face meetings, difficulty in sharing lessons learned, and…

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    A baker's dozen

    By Baker, Bud Technological advancements are not only redefining conventional perceptions of working and collaborating but also transforming traditional workplaces into Virtual business environments. This article…

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    Can your infrastructure support a virtual organization?

    By Bigelow, Deborah This article discusses issues to consider when planning for an infrastructure to suport virtual employees. Communication is vital to a successful virtual organization.