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  • Pulse of the Profession

    Tomorrow's Teams Today

    By PMI PMI research reveals that it’s the organizations with creative, collaborative and agile teams that will thrive in The Project Economy.

  • PMI Pulse of the Profession 2020

    Pulse of the Profession 2020

    Are you future ready? Our Pulse of the Profession® research shows that organizations that prioritize maturing their delivery capabilities enjoy more successful outcomes.

  • Pulse of the Profession

    Ahead of the Curve

    By PMI Call it disruption—or just the new normal. At a time of extraordinary change driven by new technologies, executive leaders from across business, government and nonprofit organizations know that…

  • PM Network

    Início rápido estratégico

    A PM Network questiona a comunidade de gerenciamento de projetos sobre como garantir que os membros da equipe tenham um domínio firme sobre o alinhamento estratégico e os principais objetivos no…

  • PM Network

    Comienzo estratégico

    PM Network consulta a la comunidad de gestión de proyectos para asegurarse de que los miembros del equipo tengan un conocimiento firme de la alineación estratégica y los objetivos clave en el inicio.

  • PM Network

    Strategic Kick-Start

    PM Network queries the project management community on ensuring team members have a firm grasp on strategic alignment and key objectives at kickoff.

  • PM Network

    Sustaining Strategy

    PM Network asked the project management community: How do you ensure team members think strategically during all project phases--and speak up if they think the business case has weakened?

  • PM Network

    A New Chapter

    By Howlett, Sarah Protzman For more than a century, the New York Public Library's Rose Main Reading Room has been an elegant research haven for award-winning writers, Nobel laureates, inventors and students. But the historic…

  • When the project has many faces in many places-- software tools for the distributed team

    Recent research shows that approximately one-quarter of the United States work force works from home at least some of the time, while another quarter is mobile or works from customer locations. In…

  • PM Network

    Cash on delivery

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Risk-based pay models are a growing trend in multinational companies interested in providing incentives to their project managers. Connecting the salary and bonus rewards of project managers to the…