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PM Network February 2018

Government software teams shedding bureaucracy, change in the grocery industry, a look at projects in Mexico. It’s all in the February PM Network.

Featured PM Network Articles

  • Can Government Get Agile?

    Can Government Get Agile? member content locked

    Government software developers are shredding bureaucratic stereotypes and adopting agile delivery approaches. Challenges include regulatory requirements and scope.

  • Appetite for Change

    Appetite for Change member content locked

    Digital transformation has come to the grocery store. Projects, aligned with consumer demand, focus on online ordering, better checkout systems and improved delivery.

  • Steeling for Growth

    Steeling for Growth member content locked

    Plans for infrastructure megaprojects in India has that country’s steel industry increasing production. But there are risks—projects get postponed and supply and demand get out of sync.

  • Time for a Shift

    Time for a Shift member content locked

    PM Network’s career columnist offers advice on preparing for a job hunt, shifting your career into project management and writing a headline for your LinkedIn profile.

  • Damage Prevention

    Damage Prevention member content locked

    Along with an increase in the number and severity of natural disasters comes a greater need for risk management. But fluctuating resources can stymie disaster mitigation projects.

  • And theres more

    And there's more member content locked

    See the complete issue online for the latest and greatest from the world of project management.


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