Project Spotlights

  • Sebastian Fischer | PMI project spotlights


    By zooming in from space, project leaders in Germany aim to reveal the unseen effects of climate change.

  • volta zero | PMI Spotlight

    Delivering a New Kind of Truck

    Diesel delivery trucks are a significant contributor to pollution around the world. Volta Trucks is taking on that problem by changing the way these vehicles are designed.

  • Sluisbuurt | PMI Project Spotlights

    Sluisbuurt Kavel 4A

    A new construction project in Amsterdam would bring much-needed eco-friendly housing to all sorts of species—from humans to hedgehogs.

  • Nurses Climate Challenge | PMI Project Spotlights

    Nurses Climate Challenge

    Nurses join forces to improve the health of people—and the planet.

  • The Line | PMI Project Spotlights

    The Line

    A new megaproject in Saudi Arabia could take the concept of urban development to new dimensions.

  • building-houses-coffee-husks | pmi project spotlights

    Building Houses with Coffee Husks

    Colombia construction firm Woodpecker WPC is turning coffee’s largest by-product into a sustainable housing solution.

  • Lays Factory Home Heating | Project Spotlight

    Lay’s Factory Home Heating

    A Belgian PepsiCo factory cooks up a way to warm some neighboring homes—and help the company meet its carbon reduction goals.

  • Bogota Metro | Project Management Institute Spotlight

    Bogotá Metro

    Colombia’s first commuter rail line project is headed back on track—with the potential to transform mobility in the country’s largest city.

  • World View Capsule | PMI Spotlight

    World View Explorer

    A U.S. startup cranks up the innovation to create a balloon-powered lounge—making space tourism more accessible, while serving up some legendary views.

  • housing first village | PMI project spotlights

    Housing First Village

    A nonprofit used people-centric design to build a development tailored to the needs of homeless people—creating a big impact with tiny houses.

  • Xbus | project management institute


    A German startup took a customer-centric approach to create a shapeshifting, super-sustainable electric vehicle.

  • Diriyah Gate PMI Spotlight

    Diriyah Gate

    Saudi Arabia looks to its past for a new megadevelopment that pulls in tourists while promoting the kingdom’s culture and economic development.

  • Union-Chain

    Union Chain Bridge

    A team dismantles a vital piece of U.K. infrastructure—and then puts it all back together again.

  • Viren Chair 1

    Virén Chair

    A Finnish firm defies the laws of physics—and typical recycling practices—with a chair resilient in both form and function.

  • Electric Bush Bikes

    Electric Bush Bike

    A Swedish startup retooled its e-bikes to help conservation teams in Africa stop poaching—with stealth and added sustainability.

  • mayflower

    Mayflower Autonomous Ship

    An all-star crew of tech, marine and climate organizations showcase how data science can help protect the world’s oceans.

  • Nimo beta frame image

    Nimo Beta

    An Indian startup has a new vision for smart glasses: a wearable with work-from-anywhere computing power.

  • Hyundai MoT 3 image

    Mobility of Things

    South Korean auto giant Hyundai cranks up the collaboration to develop an integrated robotic initiative that could revolutionize mobility.

  • Colmena-400x400-image

    Colmena Project

    With the help of students and a hive of nanobots, Mexico is ready to blast into space—carving out its own high-tech niche and inspiring a new generation of changemakers.

  • Afrail Express Image

    Afrail Express

    Funded by an innovative cryptocurrency play, a high-speed rail line spanning Cairo to Cape Town could put Africa on the fast track to economic growth.

  • MV-Narrative-Ship-photo

    MV Narrative

    Tapping into reams of customer research, a startup charts its own path to build a residential community at sea.

  • dyson-5-photo

    Dyson Demo VR

    U.K. manufacturer Dyson takes its product technology out of the lab and into consumers’ homes with an immersive virtual reality showroom.

  • john deere autonomous tractor photo 406

    Autonomous 8R Tractor

    Balancing risk and innovation, John Deere plants the seeds for data-driven growth with a self-driving tractor that helps farmers boost production and efficiency.

  • pow-3-earth-black-box-photo

    Earth's Black Box

    A data-driven project to document Earth’s climate crisis calls for a futureproof design—and some serious risk management.

  • POW-6-Infinity-Bridge-Photo

    Infinity Bridge

    Balancing creativity and precise planning, a team delivers an instantly iconic piece of architecture that also boosts mobility for Dubai commuters.

  • Chapel of Sound Photo

    Chapel of Sound

    Nature informs the design of a concert hall that delivers an acoustical oasis—and economic boost—to a remote community in China.

  • Legacy Survey of Space and Time Camera Photo

    Legacy Survey of Space and Time Camera

    A team problem-solves its way to deliver the largest digital camera ever built for astronomy—ready to survey the skies of the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Dr. Cosmos Magorokosho Photo

    Seeding the Future for African Farmers

    A project to produce hybrid, stress-tolerant maize seeds is improving the livelihoods of farmers and families in Africa.

  • Jennifer Donahue Photo

    The Mission-Critical Importance of Teamwork

    For Jenn Donahue, PMP, managing some of the biggest geotechnical projects in the world is all about teamwork.

  • A Home on the Ocean - Oceanix City Photo

    A Home on the Ocean

    Oceanix believes the future of sustainable development is at sea, not on land.

  • Team Blaze Photo

    Interview with Team Blaze

    Team Blaze is the first all-girl team to win F1 in Schools best application of project management award.

  • Waldkliniken Rehab Hospital Campus Photo

    Waldkliniken Rehab Hospital Campus

    The prescription for a better healthcare experience? A dose of patient-centric biophilic design served up in resort-like comfort.

  • Ain Dubai Photo

    Ain Dubai

    Just in time for an expected influx of tourists, a Dubai developer puts its own ultra-luxurious, ultra-tall spin on the observation wheel.

  • NASA First Woman Photo

    First Woman

    NASA aims to inspire a new generation of female astronauts with its first interactive graphic novel series.

  • Alice Curiouser and Curiouser Exhibit Photo

    Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser

    London’s V&A museum adds virtual reality for the first time—delivering an even trippier take on its mind-bending Alice in Wonderland exhibit.

  • Bodyheat Photo Credit - SWG3


    A Scottish nightclub eyes a carbon-neutral future by repurposing the energy of revelers.

  • Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower Photo

    Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower

    A multinational team has high hopes that the tallest skyscraper in Sub-Saharan Africa will boost tourism in Tanzania.

  • Vision AVTR Photo

    Vision AVTR

    German automaker Mercedes-Benz reboots its concept car—and its design process—for a new version that’s part human, part machine.

  • Barclays’ Absa Rebrand Photo

    Barclays’ Absa Rebrand

    When Barclays plc sold its controlling stake in Barclays Africa Group, the international banking brand set in motion a major rebranding effort.

  • War Paint for Men Store Photo

    War Paint for Men Store

    The brand behind the world’s first cosmetics store for men aims to create an environment where shoppers feel comfortable in their skin.

  • Aeron With Ocean-Bound Plastic Photo

    Aeron With Ocean-Bound Plastic

    A staple of the modern office gets an eco-friendly remake—and proves that recycled waste has a place in high-end product design.

  • Ola Futurefactory Photo

    Ola Futurefactory

    Looking to scale electric scooters across India, a startup uses ecofriendly construction to build an AI-fueled mega-factory.

  • Hana Financial Group Headquarters Photo

    Hana Financial Group Headquarters

    A Korean financial services company aims to make its new HQ a restorative destination spot for employees—and the community.

  • Bodequality Photo


    A mission to improve the customer experience inspires U.S. retailer Old Navy to transform how it serves—and represents—women of all sizes.

  • Union Station Revitalization Photo

    Union Station Revitalization

    To upgrade Toronto’s biggest commuter hub, the team built beneath the tracks—allowing the station to stay open throughout the massive renovation.

  • Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm Photo

    Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm

    Singapore’s largest solar farm takes float—giving the land-scarce country a new power source and a framework for sustainable water production.

  • Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority Headquarters Lounge Photo

    Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority Headquarters

    A UAE government agency gets a professional office—but with just enough whimsy to keep employees focused on their mission to help children.

  • Fireboat Station 35 Photo

    Fireboat Station 35

    The design-build team behind a new floating fire station leaned into innovation—right down to how it delivered the new structure.

  • Ikea Copenhagen Photo

    IKEA Copenhagen

    Mega-retailer IKEA redefines its signature store style with an eco-friendly design adapted for urban life (and leisure).

  • Portal Photo


    Looking to inspire social unity, a team created an interactive bridge that lets people connect across countries and cultures.

  • Pegasus Dream Tour Photo

    The Pegasus Dream Tour

    A gaming startup partners with Paralympic athletes and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to roll out the first Paralympics video game.

  • Samaritaine Photo


    Blending old and new, luxury giant LVMH transforms an iconic Parisian department store into an ultra-glam retail and hospitality destination.

  • Illuminarium Photo


    A new venue promises to fully immerse visitors in communal virtual reality experiences.

  • Sky Pool Swimming Photo

    Sky Pool

    A team navigates uncharted waters to deliver a feat of aquatic architecture that appears to defy physics: the world’s first floating swimming pool.

  • Barbie Loves the Ocean Photo

    Barbie Loves the Ocean

    Mattel’s fashion-forward Barbie doll gets an eco-friendly makeover with a new line made from 90 percent recycled plastic.

  • Nairobi Expressway Photo

    Nairobi Expressway

    A megaproject partnership could pave the way for a smoother commute—and economic growth—in Kenya’s capital.

  • The Forestias Photo

    The Forestias

    A massive mixed-use development in Bangkok could point the way for multigenerational communities of the future.

  • Super Nintendo World Photo

    Super Nintendo World Osaka

    Two iconic brands partner to deliver a tech-fueled, super-immersive amusement park experience.

  • CottonAce App Photo


    A revamped app could help India’s small farms keep their cotton crops safe from insects.

  • Trombia Free Photo

    Trombia Free

    A new eco-friendly autonomous street sweeper is primed to disrupt the sanitation industry—and clean up deadly urban air pollution.

  • Pharaohs’ Golden Parade Photo

    Pharaohs’ Golden Parade

    Neither controversy nor ancient curses could prevent a spectacular procession of ancient mummies in Cairo.

  • Tupungato Volcano Weather Station Photo

    Tupungato Volcano Weather Station

    The government of Chile and the National Geographic Society go to new heights in a search for answers about the country’s megadrought.

  • Regenera América Photo

    Regenera América

    Looking to offset its environmental footprint, Latin America’s biggest e-commerce player aims to restore the region’s most endangered biomes.

  • Hot Heart Photo

    Hot Heart

    Finland’s race to decarbonize heats up with an archipelago of thermal batteries—that will double as a recreational park.

  • Voyager Station Photo

    Voyager Station

    Marking one giant leap for space tourism, a U.S. startup sets out to build an out-of-this-world luxury hotel in low Earth orbit.

  • YWCA Photo

    YWCA Central Massachusetts

    An all-female leadership team leans into positive social impact to reimagine a community hub.

  • Inspiro London Photo

    Inspiro London

    The makeover of an iconic Tube train could make it more sustainable, reliable and accessible—while also providing a much-needed economic boost.

  • Project Taara Photo

    Project Taara

    It shut down Loon, but Alphabet’s X lab has another idea for delivering internet service to areas deemed too difficult to reach.

  • Emasesa Biogas Pilot Photo

    Emasesa Biogas Pilot

    A Spanish city turns its surplus of oranges into green energy.

  • Louvre Conservation Center Photo

    Louvre Conservation Center

    A cache of priceless art goes on the move as a team tries to mitigate the risk of rising water levels.

  • Thinking Hut Photo

    Thinking Hut v1.0

    A school built in under seven days? A team in Madagascar plans to make it happen with 3D printing.

  • The Flaming Lips Concert Bubbles

    Space Bubble Concerts

    The Flaming Lips reimagine live shows for the COVID era—giving concertgoers their very own personal habitats.

  • Mumbai Artist Retreat Photo

    Mumbai Artist Retreat

    An Indian sanctuary offers artists a space to create in nature—and shows a new way to build resiliency into coastal construction projects.

  • LignoSat Photo


    A Japanese logging company teams up with university researchers to develop the first wood satellite.

  • Amphitheatre La Concordia Photo

    Amphitheatre La Concordia

    Government leaders and architects in Bogotá team up to reimagine a plaza—using scaffolding to create a safe community meeting place.

  • Good Meat Photo

    Good Meat

    Eat Just serves up a culinary breakthrough in Singapore: lab-grown chicken.

  • Norsk Pass Photo

    Norsk Pass

    Norway introduces new travel documents that blend style with substance.

  • Aptera Photo


    A U.S. startup reimagines electric cars—using a solar boost and an aerodynamic design to set a new driving range standard.

  • Strap Photo


    Borrowing an idea from autonomous vehicles, a startup uses tech to reenvision how the visually impaired navigate the world.

  • Oceanbird Photo


    With plans for the world’s largest wind-powered freighter, a Swedish shipbuilder is setting off a wave of disruption in the staid maritime biz.

  • Daylight Photo


    Targeted insights and an agile delivery help a startup roll out the first LGBTQ+ banking platform in the U.S.

  • RS No 9 Carnaby Street Photo

    RS No. 9 Carnaby Street

    Pandemic be damned, the Rolling Stones deliver retail satisfaction.

  • Mineral Photo


    Alphabet’s “moonshot factory” uses tech to scale farming in a way that could help stop hunger while being less harmful to the environment.

  • Looop Photo


    Retail behemoth H&M combines automation with sustainability to make a major fashion statement.

  • Project Olympus Photo

    Project Olympus

    A moonshot initiative aims to create an additive construction system for building the first lunar community for humans.

  • Torch Tower Photo

    Torch Tower

    Part of a new plan to reimagine Japan’s historic Tokiwabashi district, the country’s tallest skyscraper is also a showcase for resilience.

  • Paris Aquatics Centre Photo

    Paris 2024 Aquatics Centre

    A new Olympics structure goes for the gold in positive social impact.

  • The Journey of Humanity Photo

    The Journey of Humanity

    U.K. artist Sacha Jafri’s new record-breaking painting could turn into a philanthropic masterpiece.

  • World Memorial to the Pandemic

    World Memorial to the Pandemic

    A coronavirus monument in Uruguay would offer a place to mourn amidst the natural world.

  • Dumat Al Jandal Photo

    Dumat Al Jandal

    A massive windfarm could help transform Saudi Arabia’s oil-based economy.

  • Vogue Hope Arabia Cover Photo

    Vogue Hope

    The legendary magazine shows global collaboration is always in fashion—uniting all 26 editions under one theme.

  • VSZ-20-2 Ventilator Photo

    VSZ-20-2 Ventilator

    A home-grown, no-frills machine lets Mexico’s healthcare system quickly respond to pandemic patient needs.

  • Avenue South Residences Photo

    Avenue South Residences

    Plans for the world’s tallest prefab skyscrapers move forward—with a construction method that allows for social distancing.

  • Roatan Prospera photo

    Roatán Próspera

    A new economic hub—complete with a shapeshifting residential community—aims to position Honduras for the future.

  • Loon Photo


    Alphabet’s new 35-balloon fleet provides Kenya with much-needed internet access.

  • iMASC photo


    A go-to face covering for front-line healthcare workers is reimagined to make it more comfortable—and reusable.

  • malcolm and marie photo

    Malcolm & Marie

    Lights, camera, action: The first film shot during the pandemic keeps the movie biz rolling.

  • Image of Sotheby's Virtual Auction

    Sotheby’s Virtual Auction

    The storied auction house transforms its signature sale into a modern digital spectacle.

  • floating farm poultry

    Floating Farm Poultry

    A Dutch team hatches a plan for a futuristic henhouse on Rotterdam’s waterways.

  • education stadium city

    Education City Stadium

    Qatar’s eco-friendly stadium is built to deliver benefits long after the World Cup.

  • Bassins

    Les Bassins de Lumières

    A French team transforms part of a former submarine base into a larger-than-life art oasis.

  • prvok


    The floating tiny home can be printed in 48 hours.

  • Tianwen-1


    China National Space Administration makes a red planet reprise with its Mars rover mission.