Project Management Institute

Projects of the Week

  • Regenera América Photo

    Regenera América

    Looking to offset its environmental footprint, Latin America’s biggest e-commerce player aims to restore the region’s most endangered biomes.

  • Hot Heart Photo

    Hot Heart

    Finland’s race to decarbonize heats up with an archipelago of thermal batteries—that will double as a recreational park.

  • Voyager Station Photo

    Voyager Station

    Marking one giant leap for space tourism, a U.S. startup sets out to build an out-of-this-world luxury hotel in low Earth orbit.

  • YWCA Photo

    YWCA Central Massachusetts

    An all-female leadership team leans into positive social impact to reimagine a community hub.

  • Inspiro London Photo

    Inspiro London

    The makeover of an iconic Tube train could make it more sustainable, reliable and accessible—while also providing a much-needed economic boost.

  • Project Taara Photo

    Project Taara

    It shut down Loon, but Alphabet’s X lab has another idea for delivering internet service to areas deemed too difficult to reach.

  • Emasesa Biogas Pilot Photo

    Emasesa Biogas Pilot

    A Spanish city turns its surplus of oranges into green energy.

  • Louvre Conservation Center Photo

    Louvre Conservation Center

    A cache of priceless art goes on the move as a team tries to mitigate the risk of rising water levels.

  • Thinking Hut Photo

    Thinking Hut v1.0

    A school built in under seven days? A team in Madagascar plans to make it happen with 3D printing.

  • The Flaming Lips Concert Bubbles

    Space Bubble Concerts

    The Flaming Lips reimagine live shows for the COVID era—giving concertgoers their very own personal habitats.

  • Mumbai Artist Retreat Photo

    Mumbai Artist Retreat

    An Indian sanctuary offers artists a space to create in nature—and shows a new way to build resiliency into coastal construction projects.

  • LignoSat Photo


    A Japanese logging company teams up with university researchers to develop the first wood satellite.

  • Amphitheatre La Concordia Photo

    Amphitheatre La Concordia

    Government leaders and architects in Bogotá team up to reimagine a plaza—using scaffolding to create a safe community meeting place.

  • Good Meat Photo

    Good Meat

    Eat Just serves up a culinary breakthrough in Singapore: lab-grown chicken.

  • Norsk Pass Photo

    Norsk Pass

    Norway introduces new travel documents that blend style with substance.

  • Aptera Photo


    A U.S. startup reimagines electric cars—using a solar boost and an aerodynamic design to set a new driving range standard.

  • Strap Photo


    Borrowing an idea from autonomous vehicles, a startup uses tech to reenvision how the visually impaired navigate the world.

  • Oceanbird Photo


    With plans for the world’s largest wind-powered freighter, a Swedish shipbuilder is setting off a wave of disruption in the staid maritime biz.

  • Daylight Photo


    Targeted insights and an agile delivery help a startup roll out the first LGBTQ+ banking platform in the U.S.

  • RS No 9 Carnaby Street Photo

    RS No. 9 Carnaby Street

    Pandemic be damned, the Rolling Stones deliver retail satisfaction.