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  • Introducing the Editorial Board and Future Special Issues member content locked

    By Mūller, Ralf | Klein, Gary We are pleased to publish part two of the special issue on Projects and Networks. The number and quality of the submissions not only required the special issue be split into two parts, but also…

  • Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Open Innovation Projects member content locked

    By Terhorst, Andrew | Lusher, Dean | Bolton, Dianne | Elsum, Ian | Peng, Wang Tacit knowledge is considered critical to the success of open innovation projects, yet little is known about the factors that promote or impede tacit knowledge sharing in such projects.

  • The Interplay between Formal and Informal Institutions in Projects member content locked

    By Wang, Hongdi | Lu, Weisheng | Söderlund, Jonas | Chen, Ke In projects, various kinds of formal and informal institutions are crucial for imprinting and controlling behavior. The interplay and potential conflict between these two types of institutions have…

  • Collaborative Research Project Networks member content locked

    By Takahashi, Marissa | Indulska, Marta | Steen, John Many businesses seeking enhanced innovation have corporate research teams that engage in collaborative research projects (CRPs), with external entities such as universities, public organizations, or…

  • Configurations for Interorganizational Project Networks member content locked

    By Braun, Timo Projects are becoming increasingly interorganizational; therefore, typically, the project management office (PMO) of a single corporation is neither capable of, nor authorized to, supplying all…

  • How Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Projects Change Over Project Development Phases member content locked

    By South, Andrew J. | Eriksson, Kent | Levitt, Raymond This research adds to work on the development of infrastructure public-private partnership projects (P3s), which is a rapidly growing mode of infrastructure service delivery.

  • A Psychological Contract Perspective on Project Networks member content locked

    By Kaulio, Matti A. A current challenge for project network scholars is to explain "how history matters," in other words, how past experiences of collaboration between actors in a project network are transformed into…


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