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Pulse of the Profession® 2023: Power Skills, Redefining Project Success

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Power Skills have the capacity to redefine project success for organizations. With this thought leadership report, find out what the most critical power skills are, why project leaders should understand their importance, how organizations can develop power skills for project professionals, and where they are struggling with power skill assessment.

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Driving Sustainability Strategy Home

We examine what distinguishes companies that center sustainability in this new research, conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by Brightline.

Explore Sustainability Trends

PMO Maturity

While there is still a long way to go for most PMOs on their maturity journey, we have identified a cohort of 230 successful PMOs—called the “Top 10 Percent.”

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Shaping the Future of Project Management With AI

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This report looks at the impact of AI, especially Generative AI, on project work. As more and more organizations seek to realize the promised value of AI, project managers can stand out by leading AI adoption.

The Impact of AI >>

Measuring the Impact of ESG Initiatives


As global challenges arise, so does the pressure for organizations to ensure their initiatives create a better world for all. To unleash the real power of ESG, organizations must set the right targets and measure results.

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The State of Women in Project Management, 2023

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This thought leadership report looks at the state of women in project management and offers recommendations to address disparities in representation and opportunities.

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Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

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Discover how project managers excel at building and sustaining high-performing teams. Our report explores strategies project managers can employ to enhance team culture, empower individuals, foster engagement and build resilience.

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Leading AI-driven Business Transformation

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AI presents both disruption and opportunity for businesses. To stay ahead of the change, leaders can take key steps today to start their organizations on the path to a successful AI transformation.

AI-driven Transformation >>

Systems Thinking Boosts Project Outcomes

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Uncover the transformative potential of systems thinking. Guided by insights from the PMI community, learn how adopting a systems-thinking approach may help revolutionize problem-solving.

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