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Benefits of Adopting GenAI for Project Management

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Our new research report featuring the latest trends in GenAI adoption is now available. Discover GenAI benefits, best practices, and what factors facilitate optimum GenAI adoption.

Accelerate Your GenAI Journey

Pulse of the Profession® 2024: The Future of Project Work

Adaptability is key to an organization’s success. But can organizations empower flexibility in where and how teams work without compromising project performance?

What Drives Project Performance?

Driving Sustainable Innovation: How to Do Well While Doing Good

Brightline's latest book, written by visionary thought leaders, top executives, and practitioners, defines what it means to achieve sustainable innovation for both individuals and organizations.

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Shaping the Future of Project Management With AI

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This report looks at the impact of AI, especially Generative AI, on project work. As more and more organizations seek to realize the promised value of AI, project managers can stand out by leading AI adoption.

The Impact of AI >>

Global Project Management Job Trends 2024

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Project management is in demand worldwide. But how do project professionals and organizations succeed in dynamic environments, economic uncertainty, and tech advancement like AI? Explore these topics and more in PMI's 2024 edition of the Global Project Management Job Trends report.

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Prompt Engineering Essentials for Project Professionals

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As the demand for advanced skills in GenAI is increasing rapidly, PMI is helping project professionals level up their prompt engineering skills to use AI-powered copilots like PMI Infinity to their greatest advantage.

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Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

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Discover how project managers excel at building and sustaining high-performing teams. Our report explores strategies project managers can employ to enhance team culture, empower individuals, foster engagement and build resilience.

High-Performing Teams >>

Leading AI-driven Business Transformation

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AI presents both disruption and opportunity for businesses. To stay ahead of the change, leaders can take key steps today to start their organizations on the path to a successful AI transformation.

AI-driven Transformation >>

Systems Thinking Boosts Project Outcomes

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Uncover the transformative potential of systems thinking. Guided by insights from the PMI community, learn how adopting a systems-thinking approach may help revolutionize problem-solving.

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