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Navigating the Future of Work with an Agile Mindset

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September 2023—Developing an agile mindset is crucial for adapting to dynamic technological and customer demands. Learn about the benefits of agile ways of working from thought leaders who share insights about agile approaches, their role in the future of work and how these concepts are relevant to a broad range of endeavors.

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Building Resilience Through Strategic Risk Management

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July 2023—Today, organizations face more complex and volatile forces than ever. How can they respond to these forces, while continuing to pursue the growth and innovation that will keep them competitive? By building a strong risk culture. With this new report from PMI, discover more about the current risk landscape and how you can build a risk-ready organization.

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The Path to Project Success: Essential Project Skills for Young Professionals

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July 2023—The demand for project leaders is on the rise, and this presents a promising future for young professionals with the right skills. This article explores why emphasizing power skills and offering career development opportunities may help bridge the talent gap and ensure success for the next generation of project professionals.

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Measuring the Impact of ESG Initiatives


June 2023—Project professionals play a critical role in achieving organization’s ESG ambitions. This report explores how setting the right goals, measuring impact, leveraging data-driven results, adopting new technologies and fostering open communication helps projects leaders drive ESG projects and produce meaningful outcomes while ensuring continued stakeholder support.

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The Role of Project Managers in MENA

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June 2023—How can organizations in the Middle East and North Africa maximize their impact? This report explores how digitally savvy project managers can help organizations excel through digital transformations. By investing in power skills, business acumen and technical skills, organizations in MENA can empower project managers to drive outcomes and bring the organization's strategy to life through projects.

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The Evolution of PMOs: Delivering Value Through xMOs

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March 2023—As organizations shift away from traditional delivery models, the role, purpose and even the name of the project management office (PMO) is changing in tandem. With this report, understand how most successful organizations are reimagining the PMO to turn it into a function that focuses on value delivery.

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The State of Women in Project Management, 2023

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March 2023—This thought leadership report looks at the state of women in project management and offers recommendations to address disparities in representation and opportunities.

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Global Project Management Job Trends 2023

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February 2023—The threat of a global recession clouds all economic projections for 2023. Yet, there are regions, countries, industries, and sectors facing a serious talent shortage. With this report, understand the hot sectors and emerging trends in demand across the project economy, identify spaces where opportunities are likely to bubble up, and better prepare to whether a potentially turbulent 2023.

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Pulse of the Profession® 2023: Power Skills, Redefining Project Success

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November 2022—Power Skills have the capacity to redefine project success for organizations. With this thought leadership report, find out what the most critical power skills are, why project leaders should understand their importance, how organizations can develop power skills for project professionals, and where they are struggling with power skill assessment.

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PMO Success in Latin America

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October 2022—What are the most successful organizations in Latin America doing right? They are taking project management out of a silo, linking strategy to execution, and developing project talent. With this thought leadership report, find out how, and get insight into boosting strategic value and developing talent in the Latin American region.

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Change-Ready and Able: Building Agility Into the Organizational DNA

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September 2022—If there is anything that's constant in today's disruptive economy, it's change. With this thought leadership report, explore the requirements for building agility into your organization to help navigate change. Also get actionable takeaways on how project leaders can make agility part of the organizational DNA.

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The ESG Imperative: Turning Words Into Action

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June 2022—As organizations face unprecedented global challenges, environmental, social and governance (ESG) provides the framework to make a difference. With this thought leadership report, understand key ESG regulatory drivers and get hands-on insights from ESG project leaders. Also, explore our brand new ESG Resource Hub that features more resources to help take action on your ESG priorities.

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PMO Success in Sub-Saharan Africa

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May 2022—What are the most successful organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa doing to enable high performance? This thought leadership report details the benchmarks the most successful organizations in the region are setting, and discusses how The Project Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa can be reengineered with a people-focused and digitally enabled approach to project management.

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Jobs Report 2022


March 2022—After two years of pivots and resets, organizations are settling into new ways of working and delivering innovative solutions. How will these trends and developments impact the careers of project professionals? This thought leadership report provides a region-by-region deep dive into the hot sectors and emerging trends driving demand for project leaders.

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PMO Maturity

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February 2022—While there is still a long way to go for most PMOs on their maturity journey, we have identified a cohort of 230 successful PMOs—called the “Top 10 Percent”. This thought leadership report presents a PMO maturity index based on these high-performing PMOs operate, and offers recommendations on how your organization can join their ranks.

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Global Megatrends 2022

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February 2022—As PMI actively monitors change and disruption around the globe, we have discovered six megatrends that stand out based on their impact and implications for projects. With this thought leadership report, explore the six megatrends that have shaped where the world is headed in 2022.

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Measuring What Matters

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January 2022—Are we measuring project success accurately? Are the yardsticks of scope, schedule and cost appropriate for today's evolving and disruptive times? With this thought leadership report, find out what you can do to reimagine your approach to measuring project success, ultimately improving the impact and value delivered.

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Narrowing the Talent Gap

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November 2021—The demand for project managers is expected to soar in the coming decade. At the same time, we have a shrinking talent pool that is insufficient to meet the rising demand. With this thought leadership report, learn what recruitment and retention strategies you need to find and keep project talent in today's competitive business landscape.

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