The State of ESG

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Impact at a Glance

Here’s what organizations say about their ESG priorities, climate-related concerns and the benefits of a sustainability strategy.

A Clarion Call for ESG

Organizations appear to be poised for action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

The ESG Imperative

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67% of ESG leaders and execs believe the pandemic has been a catalyst for increased action and focus on ESG issues
91% believe organizations need targets in place to meet ESG goals
69% plan to change their companies' policies or practices in the next five years to achieve ESG objectives
Where are companies putting the priority?

Which ESG issues need the most attention?

Environment: Climate change and pollution
Source: ESG Strategy Survey, GlobalData, 2022
Social: Healthcare and diversity and inclusion
Governance: Risk management and corporate structure

Climate Change Disconnect

58% of organizations say the leaders who assess business threats and opportunities fail to address climate change during meetings
70% have yet to assess how climate change will impact the company's operations, supply chain and customers
What's holding companies back?
Source: The Audit Committee Frontier—Addressing Climate Change, Deloitte, 2021

The Power of ESG

Going in with a strategy for sustainability can be a huge boost to business performance—now and in the future.

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Source: Innovating for a Sustainable Future, NTT, 2022

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