KnowledgeHut upGrad and PMI

New! Software Engineering Bootcamp (SEB) & DevOps Engineering Bootcamp (DEB)

Early learners, we’ve got something great for you!

We have teamed up with leading training provider KnowledgeHut upGrad to empower you with project management skills—while learning software engineering.

Software Engineering Bootcamp (SEB) & DevOps Engineering Bootcamp (DEB) are groundbreaking programs that will deliver:

  1. Unparalleled Credibility: The collaboration between PMI and KnowledgeHut upGrad ensures that you will receive a program of the highest quality, recognized, and respected by employers worldwide.
  2. Industry-Relevant Syllabus: The SEB curriculum is carefully crafted to meet the demands of the modern software engineering industry. You will acquire the skills and knowledge required to excel in a rapidly evolving technology landscape, making you a highly sought-after professional.
  3. Dual Expertise: SEB equips you with a unique skill set, based upon proven project management principles and innovative training methods. You will not only master software engineering but also gain a strong foundation in agile project management, setting you apart from the competition.

Program Highlights

This powerful bootcamp offers an immersive learning experience with a range of program highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Learning Content: Access 200+ hours of online learning content, covering essential concepts, tools, and technologies in software engineering.
  2. Live Training Sessions: Engage in 160+ hours of live training sessions led by industry experts, providing in-depth guidance and real-time interaction.
  3. Problem-Solving Sessions: Enhance your problem-solving skills through 50+ hours of dedicated problem-solving sessions, where you tackle real-world coding challenges.
  4. Guided Hands-On Exercises: Apply your knowledge in 210+ guided hands-on exercises, gaining practical experience and reinforcing key concepts.
  5. Mock Interviews: Prepare for job interviews with five mock interview sessions, simulating real-world scenarios and receiving valuable feedback to improve your performance.
  6. Hackathons: Showcase your skills and creativity in three hackathons, where you collaborate with peers to build innovative solutions within a given period.
  7. Career Coaching Sessions: Benefit from dedicated career coaching sessions that cover soft skills development, interview preparation, and aptitude training, ensuring you are well-prepared for your job search.
  8. Webinars and Masterclasses: Attend webinars and masterclasses conducted by industry experts, gaining insights into emerging trends, best practices, and advanced techniques.
  9. Capstone Projects: Work on 10 capstone projects that allow you to apply your skills to real-world scenarios, demonstrating your proficiency and building a robust professional portfolio.
  10. Cloud Lab Support: Access 300 hours of cloud lab support, enabling you to practice and experiment with tools, frameworks, and technologies in a cloud-based environment.

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