Digital Experiences and Technology-Enabled Transformation


In this podcast, Jason Warnke and Joe Cahill discuss the impact of digital experiences on technology-enabled transformation.

Jason Warnke serves as Senior Managing Director for Global Digital Experiences at Accenture. Digital Experiences is located within Accenture's internal IT leadership team and is responsible for driving technology-enabled experience transformation.

Jason leads off by sharing examples of how technology in our business lives has not kept pace with what we have experienced in our lives as consumers. Many companies build their internal capabilities with a “technology first” mindset that can sometimes inhibit workflows, productivity and engagement that drive business performance.

Shifting to a focus on employee experience looks at the impact of making it easier for employees to get things done in a digital way. Jason shares examples related to reducing multiple applications, making the user experience more intuitive, building applications into the flow of work and other tips. From a project delivery perspective, Jason discusses shifting from a requirements focus on what the employee believes is needed to truly understanding the intended outcomes the employee wants to enable, the service experience they expect, etc.. It is also about prioritizing capabilities so employees get the functionality that is most useful for them.

Social networking and creating a “culture of cultures” is another area Jason explores. In a highly distributed organization, organizations need to recognize that employees can build community in ways that are different from approaches that work in highly centralized environments. In addition to work networks, organizations can help connect employees via social networks where they already engage, such as clubs for exercise enthusiasts, XBOX players, photographers, etc. This approaches recognizes that it is as important to build connections around interpersonal engagement, with people outside of the core team and among team members around the globe. Discussing new ways of working, Jason concludes with a focus on how digital transformation is changing project work and creating opportunities for leaner workflows.