Career Development — Your Personal Project

PODCAST | With Guest Jacqueline Van Pelt, PMP | 28 October 2017

Projectified with PMI | 32 min. | Transcript

Career Development — Your Personal Project

Jackie shares down-to-earth advice, including developing your own leadership style, learning from executive stakeholders, asking “awkward questions” and building trusted relationships.

About our Guest – Jacqueline Van Pelt, PMP

Jackie is a professional engineer at BAE Systems, and a member of PMI Global Executive Council’s NextPerts group.

In this conversation, we explore the professional development journey of Jacqueline Van Pelt, a rising PM star at BAE Systems, who shares her experiences in a number of roles and the valuable things she has learned along the way that can benefit other young and mid-career project management professionals. To skip ahead to specific conversation points, scroll on the progress bar and click on the time mark to the point of the conversation that you want to hear.

  • @02:44 — reinvigorating a PMO
  • @05:19 — value of mentorship
  • @06:40 — importance of communication and interaction
  • @08:27 — transition from results-oriented to relationship-building role
  • @12:41 — getting a seat at the leadership table, believing in yourself
  • @16:16 — when to speak up and when to listen up
  • @18:31 — trust as the conduit for influence and how you create it
  • @20:42 — asking the awkward questions
  • @23:18 — moving from consulting role into organizational role
  • @27:01 — emulating and learning from successful leaders
  • @29:33 — developing your own leadership style

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Jacqueline Van Pelt

Engineer, BAE Systems