Career Development

pascale sablan-jon michail speakers

Personal Branding for Project Leaders

With guest Pascale Sablan and Jon Michail

11 August 2021

Companies aren’t the only ones that can tap the power of a great brand story. In today’s competitive world of work, career-focused project leaders are learning to set themselves apart from the pack by crafting their own personal brand. Guests share how to build a brand that reinforces your mission and how to use that brand to boost your career. 

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Alice Chow

2021 Project Management Jobs Outlook

With guest Alice Chow

13 January 2021

The pandemic has forced a fundamental shift in how people work. While certain sectors and regions struggle, others are full of activity. Guests discuss the jobs outlook for project leaders in 2021, including emerging must-have skills and ways to align risk with opportunity.

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Lindsay Scott Headshot

Career Outlook After COVID-19

With guest Lindsay Scott

20 May 2020

The world of professional development will look different after COVID-19, and project professionals will lead the way into the next normal. Lindsay Scott, a PM Network career columnist and co-founder of Arras People, says maintaining your professional network and developing your skills will help prepare you for the competitive job market to come. Mike DePrisco, Vice President, Global Experience & Solutions at PMI, shares that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam is now being offered online. And hear about free courses to help project leaders upskill from home.

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Lindsay Scott Headshot

2020 Jobs Outlook

With guest Lindsay Scott

29 January 2020

What does the 2020 jobs scene look like for project professionals? In the season 3 opener of Projectified®, we get the scoop from Lindsay Scott, PM Network career columnist and co-founder of Arras People. She discusses how a potential recession could affect projects—and careers. Plus, DXC Technology CTO David Paré, PMP, talks AI in the healthcare industry.

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Job Skills—Keeping Digital Transformations on Track

14 August 2019

Digital transformations aren’t just technology projects. They’re people projects. Guests discuss the skills and tactics that can help bring an entire organization together around a common vision—and keep everyone focused on the end goal.

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Diane Hatton

Career Development—How to Position Yourself for a Promotion

With guest Diane Hatton

31 July 2019

Looking to land your next big promotion? Learn how to showcase your skills and stand out from the crowd. Guests discuss how project and program managers can climb the career ladder by showing they have what it takes to get the job done. 

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Marcio Amadeu

Job Skills—Time Management

With guest Marcio Amadeu

5 June 2019

It’s true: time is money. Productivity drives profitability—and organizations rely on project professionals to get more done in a day. Guests discuss how they improve efficiency and reduce downtime without pushing teams to the breaking point.

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Jacqueline Van Pelt

Career Development — Your Personal Project

With guest Jacqueline Van Pelt, PMP 

28 October 2017

Jackie shares down-to-earth advice, including developing your own leadership style, learning from executive stakeholders, asking “awkward questions” and building trusted relationships, which is the “conduit to influence.”

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Oren Klaff

Communication — Pitching Your Projects

With guest Oren Klaff

15 December 2017

Oren makes a compelling case for why pitching an idea or solution is a crucial skill for project managers, and he offers tips for getting buy-in and selling the future. Oren shares common mistakes we make in presentations and how we can avoid them.

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Scott Berkun

Creativity — Make It Part of Your Toolkit

15 December 2017

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Scott Berkun

Creativity — Part of the Process

With guest Scott Berkun

24 January 2018

We return to the oft-neglected role of creativity in project management as Scott shares insights on bringing fresh-thinking and innovative problem-solving to your projects and teams, regardless of the work environment.

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Mike Tenney

Job Skills—Cultivating Creativity

With guest Mike Tenney

30 January 2019

Creativity is the spark behind every bright idea—but it needs the right environment to flourish. Learn how leaders can give their teams both the structure and inspiration they need to think outside the box. Plus, Nickelodeon’s senior director of creative project management shares three creativity killers to avoid.

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