Sevi Rich Headshot

Women Project Leaders The Fight for Gender Equity

With guest Sevi Rich

10 March 2021

As the world marks International Women’s Day this week, Projectified® spoke with two female project leaders making their mark in traditionally male-dominated sectors. Guests discuss the pandemic’s oversized toll on working women, ways companies can improve gender equity and how they’re supporting future female leaders.

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Kacey Hadick Headshot

Projects to Preserve Cultural Heritage

With guest Kacey Hadick

29 July 2020

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Asya Watkins Headshot

Women in Project Leadership

With guest Asya Watkins, PMP

4 March 2020

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Projectified® hosted a roundtable with three women to discuss their experiences leading projects and programs: Varsha Advani, PMP, with Akamai Technologies; Selenne Berthely, PMP, with Banco de México; and Asya Watkins, PMP, with EnvisionRxOptions and Women Of Project Management. Also, Anna Tavis, PhD, shares how hiring practices can help achieve gender equity on teams.

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Adam Simpson

Social Responsibility—Promoting Gender Equality

With guest Adam Simpson

13 March 2019

The World Economic Forum predicts it will take 108 years for women to achieve equal status globally. Guests discuss how organizations can level the playing field—and the manager of global programs for UN Women shares recent project wins.

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Dana Brownlee

Culture — Millennials in the Workforce

With guest Dana Brownlee

4 April 2018

Dana shares insights on building strong work relationships between millennials and managers. With perspectives from both sides, she identifies behaviors and mindsets to foster cross-generational collaboration and understanding.

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Kathryn Rutkowski Headshot

Projects for a More Accessible World

26 August 2020

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Blair Taylor Headshot

The Value of Diversity

With guest Blair Taylor

17 June 2020

When an organization focuses on diversity, added value is sure to follow. Along with bringing different mindsets and skill sets, diverse team members will challenge one another and approach problems from new angles. Blair Taylor, a partner in the Workforce of the Future practice at PwC, shares the importance of empathy and how diversity yields better business results. Annice Joseph, co-lead for Inclusive Career Journeys at SAP, shares how cross-generational teams bring innovation, creativity and group wisdom to projects. 

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Manny Ventura podcast headshot

Leadership—Managing Multigenerational Teams

With guest Manny Ventura

27 March 2019

The next generation of project managers isn’t satisfied with the status quo—and leaders must be ready to adapt. Guests discuss how they encourage collaboration across age groups, and a PMO director from Slack outlines how to recruit and retain young talent.

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Jane Canniff

Women in Project Leadership — Gaining Ground

With guest Jane Canniff

27 June 2018

In this episode, Jane Canniff and Carrie Fletcher discuss what it takes to be a woman in charge, and Lindsay Scott shares research on gender trends in project management.

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