Project Management Trends

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Hybrid Working & The Future of Corporate Office Design

COVID-19 has forever changed how—and where—we work. Some people are returning to the office, while others are remaining remote or adopting a new hybrid style. It’s up to designers to reimagine offices in ways that encourage collaboration and innovation, no matter where team members are. Guests discuss the changing purpose of the office and how the pandemic fueled interest in biophilia, air quality and touchless tech. 

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Reimagining the Project Management Office

When project management office (PMO) leaders help craft strategy, they can deliver more value. Guests discuss how many forward-looking companies are evolving their PMOs to be a strategic force. These are the PMOs making the most of business opportunities and measuring success beyond whether projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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Megatrends 2021: Driving Change Through Projects

Five megatrends are reshaping The Project Economy—fundamentally altering how we live, work and play. Guests discuss how they’re addressing these changes: taking on shifting globalization dynamics with infrastructure investment and targeting climate change with AI on construction projects.

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2020 Most Influential Projects: Ingenuity Meets Innovation

PMI’s 2020 Most Influential Projects highlights more than 250 bold, breakthrough projects—spanning sectors and continents. Guests discuss three of those initiatives: one out to transform transportation in Sydney, one that aims to unlock secrets of the sun and one that modernizes the historic campus of governmental buildings in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

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India's Innovation Opportunity

As India’s population grows, so must its economy. And that requires new ways of thinking. Rachna Singh, IT deployment program manager at Amazon, talks about how India’s IT sector has changed and what lies ahead. And Ankur Jain, founder and CEO of Bira 91, shares the challenges of scaling up his craft brewery and how cross-functional teams are helping his company innovate.

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Plants: The Food Industry's Next Big Trend

A not-so-new ingredient is disrupting the food industry: plants. Giulia Braghieri, head of growth and expansion at NotCo, discusses how the Chilean company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create plant-based takes on food staples like mayo and milk. And Troy Swope, co-founder and CEO of Footprint, shares how his company is shaking up grocery store aisles with plant-based food packaging.

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PMI's Future 50: Rising Young Project Leaders

PMI is shining the spotlight on the Future 50: Young project leaders making their mark with bold thinking and innovative projects. In this episode, you’ll hear from honorees Kenneth Harris II, a senior satellite engineer at NASA; Geetha Gopal, PMP, a senior infrastructure projects manager at Panasonic Asia Pacific; and Miishe Addy, co-founder and CEO of Jetstream Africa. Also, PM Network® writer Tegan Jones discusses how this youthquake is transforming The Project Economy. 

Bulla Boma

Africa: New Projects, New Talent

Home to some of the world’s fastest-growing cities, Africa is poised to become a hub for projects—and talent. Bulla Boma, PMP, head of the commercial project management office at MIC Tanzania PLC, discusses the increasing number of infrastructure projects in Tanzania and growing awareness of the project management profession. Sheillah Karimi, a senior program coordinator at KfW Development Bank, talks about a water supply project she’s leading in Kenya and how sustainability will become central to future projects. 

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Financial Services: Innovation Meets Regulation

As expectations for financial services change, legacy institutions and startups alike have to innovate. Andreas Madjari, PMP, project management governance specialist at Erste Group, discusses agile’s role in creating the group’s internet banking platform, George. Alicia Levine, COO at Chipper Cash, discusses the fintech boom in Africa and the projects it may lead to in the near future. 

Mike Palladino

Change—What's Next in Project Management

There’s a lot of change happening in project management. So we talked with five project professionals about what’s new and next for 2020—and beyond. They discussed new ways of thinking and what next-gen project leaders mean for the future of work. 


Welcome to The Project Economy

Are you ready for The Project Economy? At PMI Global Conference 2019, PMI President and CEO Sunil Prashara discussed global trends driving The Project Economy, and how project and program managers can prepare themselves for the future.

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Innovation—Inside 4 of the 50 Most Influential Projects

As PMI celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look back at some of the most influential projects of the past 50 years. Guests discuss how these projects led to new ways of thinking, new technologies and how they changed the world.

Arsen Safaryan

Innovation—The Future of Construction

Predictive modeling. Augmented reality. Digital twin. Disruptive tech is changing the game for construction projects. Guests discuss how technology has helped them work more efficiently, create safer job sites and make better business decisions. 

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2017 Project of the Year — Complexity and Risk

Doug shares experiences and insights from managing PMI's 2017 Project of the Year. You’ll learn how the team overcame dangers of the work environment and the technical, talent, and communications challenges of the project.