Project Strategy

Leo Rapallini Headshot

Delivering Innovation in Healthcare Tech

With guest Leo Rapallini 

 21 October 2020

The global health system demands nonstop innovation—but those advances also must be delivered safely. Medtronic’s Leo Rapallini discusses how his team brought together people from across disciplines to upgrade the world’s smallest pacemaker—and grab a bigger market share. And Andy Molnar talks about how UVD Robots scaled up to meet a big increase in demand for its autonomous disinfection robots once COVID-19 hit. 

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Vidhya Abhijith Headshot

Fueling Innovation

With guest Vidhya Abhijith

9 September 2020

Innovation can give companies that elusive edge—but only if they build a culture with the power to fuel truly creative thinking. Vidhya Abhijith, co-founder of Codewave Technologies and a PMI Future 50 leader, talks about the link between design thinking and innovation. And Pomerleau’s Yuri Bartzis discusses how the Canadian construction company’s innovation teams drive the use of new technologies and working processes.

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Silvia Cavasola

Projects to Disrupt Misinformation

With guest Silvia Cavasola

3 June 2020

In the coronavirus pandemic, fact-checking organizations are delivering projects to separate truth from rumors. Silvia Cavasola, project manager, Pagella Politica, discusses a chatbot project to answer COVID-19 questions. Itziar Bernaola, director, Newtral Educación, talks about her organization’s automation project to help fact-checkers verify an increasing number of coronavirus questions.

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David Hillson Headshot

Managing Risk

With guest David Hillson, PhD, PMI Fellow 

6 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of risk management. David Hillson, PhD, PMI Fellow, founder of The Risk Doctor Partnership, says risk managers need to look ahead and consider what uncertainties could come from the COVID-19 fallout. Mohamad ElHelaly, PMI-PBA, PMI-RMP, PMP, assistant project manager at Orascom Construction, says change is inevitable. He talks about how risk management should be integrated into all project processes and decisions. 

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Roger Forsgren

Lessons Learned—The Value of Knowledge Transfer

With guest Roger Forsgren

2 January 2019

Talent turnover is unavoidable. Brain drain is not. Global experts discuss how effective knowledge transfer keeps organizations firing on all cylinders. Plus, NASA’s chief knowledge officer outlines how breakthrough innovations are made possible by sharing lessons learned.

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Marc Lahmann

A Radical Mindshift—Managing Bleeding Edge Projects

With guest Marc Lahmann 

31 October 2018

Bleeding edge projects have the potential to disrupt the marketplace and reshape entire sectors—if they can make it across the finish line. Project leaders share how they shepherd and support extreme innovation in the face of increasing uncertainty.

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NOLA VA Project Team

Crisis Mode—Emergency Management and Response

With guest Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System

17 October 2018

From hurricanes to hunger, disasters are getting more intense and more expensive. Hear how global project leaders have managed emergency response and recovery efforts—and how they’re making their communities more resilient for the future.

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Everaldo de Souza Alves Jr.

The Need for Speed—Delivering Rapid Response Projects

With guest Everaldo de Souza Alves Jr.

19 September 2018

A rapidly shifting business landscape is forcing project teams to be more flexible. Global project leaders share how they deliver fast-paced results—without sacrificing quality.

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Frank Vieveen

The Long Haul—Future-Proofing Infrastructure

With guest Everaldo de Souza Alves Jr.

19 September 2018

A rapidly shifting business landscape is forcing project teams to be more flexible. Global project leaders share how they deliver fast-paced results—without sacrificing quality.

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Felipe Daguila

Winning on Strategy — The Power of Project Delivery

With guest Felipe Daguila

22 August 2018

Insights from global experts for how project and program teams can respond to shifting priorities, when to pull the plug on an outdated project—and what it takes to deliver real strategic value.

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Jennifer Mercer

Managing Volatility — Adapt or Fail

With guest Jennifer Mercer

8 August 2018 Transcript

International project and program leaders discuss how they deal with disruption and navigate uncertainty in a constantly shifting landscape.

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Alice Pollard

Innovation – Changing the Game

With guest Alice Pollard

11 July 2018

Global project leaders discuss how to make hyper-innovation happen, the keys of managing virtual teams, and navigating an uncertain project landscape.

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Lauri Bingham

Agile Ways — An Ongoing Journey

With guest Lauri Bingham

10 January 2018

Lauri shares insights and lessons learned on adopting and integrating agile principles and practices into a variety of work environments. Lauri also covers the PMO’s role in supporting teams, hybrid approaches, and dealing with complexity.

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