Social Impact

Dan Balaban Headshot

Fighting the Climate Crisis One Project at a Time

Climate change is one of the world’s greatest threats—and project leaders around the globe are stepping in, helping mitigate its effects with ambitious and innovative initiatives. One guest discusses the need to be agile as his company launches one of the world’s largest solar projects, while another talks about the value of nature-based solutions designed to promote both environmental and societal well-being.

Rafael Hoogesteijn Headshot

Helping Ecosystems Recover From Wildfires

When wildfires strike, project teams get to work—not just stomping out the flames, but helping animals and their ecosystems recover. Following megafires on Australia’s Kangaroo Island and in the Pantanal in Brazil, guests discuss how project teams collaborated to preserve threatened populations of jaguars and dunnarts, and what can be done to prevent future catastrophes.

Mac Glovinsky Head Shot

Technology & Teaching: The Rise of Virtual Learning

Virtual learning was already a high-growth sector, but that was nothing compared to skyrocketing usage among children shut out of schools by the pandemic in 2020. Guests from UNICEF and Nigerian startup Gradely discuss how each of their teams accelerated their efforts to meet students’ needs during the pandemic, the continued role of in-person teaching in online environments and the future of virtual education. 

Khulan Batkhuyag Headshot

Creating Positive Social Impact: From Intent to Action

All projects have an impact—and it’s up to project leaders to make sure the impact is positive. [email protected] speaker Khulan Batkhuyag shares how her visits with Mongolian nomads changed her views on sustainability and her approach to projects. And RecyGlo’s Okka Phyo Maung discusses how his Myanmar startup uses tech and data analytics to reduce pollution in waterways.

Devan Wardwell Headshot

Projects for the Planet

On Earth Day, Projectified® looks at projects to save the earth. Devan Wardwell, director of growth at Forest Carbon, discusses a project to restore peatlands and the technology teams use to make data-driven earth saving decisions. Michael Sweet, PhD, a researcher at the University of Derby and an officer of the International Coral Reef Society, talks about challenges facing coral restoration projects.

Ranu Dhillon Headshot

Infectious Disease Control

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting countries, people and projects around the globe. It’s one of several deadly diseases the world has faced in recent years. Dr. Ranu Dhillon, a faculty member at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, served as the special adviser to the president of Guinea during the 2014 Ebola outbreak. He discusses creating strategies to control the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the value of early detection and how that can be applied to the coronavirus.  

Anne Petersen

Citizen-Focused Government Transformation

Can government interactions ever be smooth? Nations around the world are working on upgrading these citizen services. Anne Petersen, director of experience design at 18F, shares how they sidestep barriers to customer experience success and the mindset needed to achieve a customer-focused approach. 

Lori Tanner

The Greater Good—Lessons from Governments and NGOs

Making the world a better place is no simple task. Especially when funding is in short supply. Leaders from government agencies and NGOs share how transparency and accountability help them do more with less on their projects and programs.

Jane Canniff

Social Good: Leading Development Projects

Jane discusses how project management is changing and how it differs among the for-profit and global development sectors.