Christian Peverelli

The Citizen Development Movement

With guest Christian Peverelli

27 January 2021

The citizen development revolution is here. With low- and no-code platforms, more people can quickly learn how to build apps. Guests discuss how organizations can make the most of citizen development—empowering teams to deliver the solutions they need, without waiting for the IT department.

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Joe Marsh Headshot

The Rise of E-Sports

With guest Joe Marsh

8 April 2020

With arenas being built across the world and industry revenues on the rise, esports is leveling up. Joe Marsh, CEO of T1 Entertainment & Sports, discusses two construction projects focused on esports—one in Seoul, South Korea and the other in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. TL Frasqueri-Molina, PMP, project management office lead and lead project manager in the broadcast technology group, esports, at Activision Blizzard, talks about the industry’s growth and the critical role of collaboration and communication in launching esports leagues.

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Odianosen Peter Ebhabha

The 5G Revolution

With guest Odianosen Peter Ebhabha, PMP

1 April 2020

5G networks are coming online around the world, bringing new, innovative project opportunities. Will Townsend, a senior analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, discusses how latency reduction will drive innovation on projects. Odianosen Peter Ebhabha, a project director at Huawei, talks about the infrastructure and funding needed to launch 5G in emerging markets. 

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greg altman

Strategy—Trends in Cybersecurity

With guest Greg Touhill

11 September 2019

The world is changing fast. And big changes come with new risks—and new security vulnerabilities. Guests discuss emerging threats, what projects introduce the most security risk and how organizations can protect themselves. 

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John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen

EMEA Congress Special Episode - The Demands of Digitization

With guest John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen

13 June 2018

In this conversation, recorded at EMEA Congress 2018, John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen discuss how digitization is changing the way projects are run — and the skills project and program man

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Dr. Michael Chui

Artificial Intelligence — Opportunities Ahead

With guest Dr. Michael Chui

28 October 2017

In this conversation, Chui summarizes vital research on the impact that AI will have on industries and particular jobs. Project managers will hear how to prepare and thrive in this fast-emerging, exciting and uncertain landscape.

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