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Digital Transformation in Construction

From digital twins to 3D printing, cutting-edge tech is disrupting the construction industry. Guests discuss how they’re using technology to improve safety and efficiency on project sites, how they measure ROI, and how to create a culture that’s open to new ways of working.

Mike Goodrich

Transforming Transportation

From air taxis to bullet trains, what was once thought of as futuristic transportation is now closer to becoming a reality. François-Joseph Van Audenhove, a partner at Arthur D. Little, talks about changing mobility demands—for people and goods. And Mike Goodrich, an executive director at General Motors, shares how creative problem solving helps project teams working on new tech like autonomous vehicles.

Bob Safian

Transformation—The Future of Work

As technology evolves, so does the way we work. Bob Safian, founder of The Flux Group and former editor-in-chief of Fast Company, discusses the risks and opportunities project leaders face in a changing world of work—and why the most important skill is the ability to keep learning.

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Transformation—Turning Innovation Into Reality

Almost every executive is talking transformation. But the real test is whether they can make it a reality. Two leaders from the Brightline Initiative discuss why successful transformations are really about bringing people together—and winning over their hearts and minds.

PMI Global Conference 2019 Exhibit Hall

Transformation—Project Management Evolves

As the business world changes, so too does project management. At PMI’s Global Conference 2019, project and program leaders shared how the profession has evolved, discussed the new must-have skills and looked back at some of the projects that inspired them.

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Transformation—The Evolving Customer Experience

We live in an era of instant gratification—and it’s redefined the customer experience. Guests discuss how technology has changed customer expectations and the innovations that are helping organizations provide faster, more personalized service.  

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Transformation—Future-Proofing Energy Infrastructure

Digitization. Decentralization. De-carbonization. Global trends are disrupting the energy sector—and organizations are reshaping their project portfolios to adapt. Guests discuss what it takes to innovate in this competitive market and how project leaders can stay ahead of the curve.

Suresh Kotla

Transformation—Sustainable Urban Development

Cities are growing—and fast. By 2030, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. Guests discuss how development projects can boost economies and spur job creation while preserving the natural resources communities rely on.

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Transformation-The Future of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 technology is pushing manufacturers to disrupt—or be disrupted. Guests discuss the trends and technologies transforming the sector. Plus, the global head of IoT Services at Siemens outlines the key skills project professionals need to navigate organizational change.

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Transformation—Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analysis. Machine learning. Robotic automation. AI technologies are coming of age—and it’s time for them to start earning their keep. Learn how organizations are turning the hype into hard numbers.

Kash Ahuja

Transformation—Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can take years—and they don’t always deliver the intended value. Learn how program and project managers on the front lines can ensure the success of mission-critical integrations. Plus, one of Google’s M&A program managers shares his industry expertise.

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Transformation—How to Manage Complexity

Innovation, uncertainty, rapid change—the defining factors of the modern marketplace are making projects increasingly complicated. Guests discuss how they’re overcoming complexity to deliver transformative projects.

Kevin Murphy

Transformation — Momentum and Mindset

In part two with transformation expert Kevin Murphy, Kevin discusses how project managers serve as big-picture change agents, developing a future mindset, how to instill new behaviors for creating a change-ready culture, and dealing with resistance.

Kevin Murphy

Transformation — Risks and Rewards

Kevin defines transformation, highlights what’s different for leaders, and makes a case that project professionals can achieve their best work when co-creation is achieved.

Anand Swaminathan

Digital Transformation — What It Takes

Real-world business examples of digital transformation enlighten part two of our conversation with Anand, as we dive more deeply into the role of cross-functional teams and discuss the culture challenges that must be addressed.

Anand Swaminathan

Digital Transformation — Why It Matters

In this conversation, Anand provides an overview of the digital landscape, why it is important to every organization’s future, the roles of project management in digital transformation, and culture challenges.