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Projectified with PMI is a lively forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development. Each podcast episode includes insights and perspectives from senior and rising project managers, business leaders in Fortune 500 companies and startups, best-selling authors, top researchers and a wide range of leading-edge thinkers. All Projectified with PMI episodes are free to download.

Recent Episodes

Ahmed Bouzid

Innovation—Inside 4 of the 50 Most Influential Projects

As PMI celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look back at some of the most influential projects of the past 50 years. Guests discuss how these projects led to new ways of thinking, new technologies and how they changed the world.

greg altman

Strategy—Trends in Cybersecurity

The world is changing fast. And big changes come with new risks—and new security vulnerabilities. Guests discuss emerging threats, what projects introduce the most security risk and how organizations can protect themselves. 

Arsen Safaryan

Innovation—The Future of Construction

Predictive modeling. Augmented reality. Digital twin. Disruptive tech is changing the game for construction projects. Guests discuss how technology has helped them work more efficiently, create safer job sites and make better business decisions. 


Job Skills—Keeping Digital Transformations on Track

Digital transformations aren’t just technology projects. They’re people projects. Guests discuss the skills and tactics that can help bring an entire organization together around a common vision—and keep everyone focused on the end goal.

Diane Hatton

Career Development—How to Position Yourself for a Promotion

Looking to land your next big promotion? Learn how to showcase your skills and stand out from the crowd. Guests discuss how project and program managers can climb the career ladder by showing they have what it takes to get the job done. 

headshot for nelson osamiha

Leadership—Improving Project Results

There’s no “right way” to run a successful project. Producing better results is all about finding the best way to get the job done. Guests discuss the value of different project management approaches—and how building a broader knowledge base can help boost your career.

dominic barbato

Transformation—Future-Proofing Energy Infrastructure

Digitization. Decentralization. De-carbonization. Global trends are disrupting the energy sector—and organizations are reshaping their project portfolios to adapt. Guests discuss what it takes to innovate in this competitive market and how project leaders can stay ahead of the curve.

Suresh Kotla

Transformation—Sustainable Urban Development

Cities are growing—and fast. By 2030, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. Guests discuss how development projects can boost economies and spur job creation while preserving the natural resources communities rely on.

Marcio Amadeu

Job Skills—Time Management

It’s true: time is money. Productivity drives profitability—and organizations rely on project professionals to get more done in a day. Guests discuss how they improve efficiency and reduce downtime without pushing teams to the breaking point.

James Brady Headshot

Career Development—Professional Networking Pro-Tips

Your professional network is a gold mine. But how can you get more from your connections without asking too much? Guests share how joining communities, volunteering professional services and building stronger relationships have helped them advance their careers.

Chandra Shekar Headshot

Job Skills—Fast-Paced Problem Solving

With business moving at breakneck speeds, there’s no time to waste on persistent problems. Guests discuss how they find quick fixes under pressure and what it takes to attack complex issues at the source.

Siddharth Verma Headshot

Transformation-The Future of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 technology is pushing manufacturers to disrupt—or be disrupted. Guests discuss the trends and technologies transforming the sector. Plus, the global head of IoT Services at Siemens outlines the key skills project professionals need to navigate organizational change.


Career Development—Moving to a New Market Sector

Global markets are shifting rapidly, creating new career opportunities for those willing to make big moves. Guests discuss how to prepare for the transition—and Amtrak’s EPMO head shares why project talent is well suited to make this type of leap.

Manny Ventura podcast headshot

Leadership—Managing Multigenerational Teams

The next generation of project managers isn’t satisfied with the status quo—and leaders must be ready to adapt. Guests discuss how they encourage collaboration across age groups, and a PMO director from Slack outlines how to recruit and retain young talent.

Adam Simpson

Social Responsibility—Promoting Gender Equality

The World Economic Forum predicts it will take 108 years for women to achieve equal status globally. Guests discuss how organizations can level the playing field—and the manager of global programs for UN Women shares recent project wins.

Oliver Broom Headshot

Transformation—Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analysis. Machine learning. Robotic automation. AI technologies are coming of age—and it’s time for them to start earning their keep. Learn how organizations are turning the hype into hard numbers.

4x4 headshot

Career Development—In-Demand Skills and Sectors

Seismic market shifts have reshaped entire sectors and shaken up the project landscape. Learn how global business trends are impacting the job market for project and program managers—and what skills will help future-proof your career.

Mike Tenney

Job Skills—Cultivating Creativity

Creativity is the spark behind every bright idea—but it needs the right environment to flourish. Learn how leaders can give their teams both the structure and inspiration they need to think outside the box. Plus, Nickelodeon’s senior director of creative project management shares three creativity killers to avoid.

Kash Ahuja

Transformation—Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can take years—and they don’t always deliver the intended value. Learn how program and project managers on the front lines can ensure the success of mission-critical integrations. Plus, one of Google’s M&A program managers shares his industry expertise.

Roger Forsgren

Lessons Learned—The Value of Knowledge Transfer

Talent turnover is unavoidable. Brain drain is not. Global experts discuss how effective knowledge transfer keeps organizations firing on all cylinders. Plus, NASA’s chief knowledge officer outlines how breakthrough innovations are made possible by sharing lessons learned.

Chris Hiltbrand

Talent Management—How to Fill the Project Talent Gap

The competition for top project talent is heating up. Global business leaders discuss how they’re attracting top performers and building their project management bench.

Headshot_Wale Elegbede

Transformation—How to Manage Complexity

Innovation, uncertainty, rapid change—the defining factors of the modern marketplace are making projects increasingly complicated. Guests discuss how they’re overcoming complexity to deliver transformative projects.


Leadership—New Skills for an Age of Flux

What does it take to be an effective leader in a rapidly shifting business environment? Guests discuss in-demand leadership skills—and how to keep fast-moving projects on track. Featuring Robert Safian, founder of The Flux Group and former editor of Fast Company.

Marc Lahmann

A Radical Mindshift—Managing Bleeding Edge Projects

Bleeding edge projects have the potential to disrupt the marketplace and reshape entire sectors—if they can make it across the finish line. Project leaders share how they shepherd and support extreme innovation in the face of increasing uncertainty.

NOLA VA Project Team

Crisis Mode—Emergency Management and Response

From hurricanes to hunger, disasters are getting more intense and more expensive. Hear how global project leaders have managed emergency response and recovery efforts—and how they’re making their communities more resilient for the future.

Lori Tanner

The Greater Good—Lessons from Governments and NGOs

Making the world a better place is no simple task. Especially when funding is in short supply. Leaders from government agencies and NGOs share how transparency and accountability help them do more with less on their projects and programs.

Everaldo de Souza Alves Jr.

The Need for Speed—Delivering Rapid Response Projects

A rapidly shifting business landscape is forcing project teams to be more flexible. Global project leaders share how they deliver fast-paced results—without sacrificing quality.

Frank Vieveen

The Long Haul—Future-Proofing Infrastructure

Smart tech investments in infrastructure take center stage in our discussions with project leaders. They discuss how they’re helping communities meet needs that last for the long haul.

Felipe Daguila

Winning on Strategy — The Power of Project Delivery

Insights from global experts for how project and program teams can respond to shifting priorities, when to pull the plug on an outdated project—and what it takes to deliver real strategic value.

Jennifer Mercer

Managing Volatility — Adapt or Fail

International project and program leaders discuss how they deal with disruption and navigate uncertainty in a constantly shifting landscape.

Manuel Salero Coca, PMP

Career Development—Landing Your Dream Job

Global project leaders discuss how to ace an interview, landing your next big promotion and the skills that set top-performing project professionals apart.

Alice Pollard

Innovation – Changing the Game

Global project leaders discuss how to make hyper-innovation happen, the keys of managing virtual teams, and navigating an uncertain project landscape.

Jane Canniff

Women in Project Leadership — Gaining Ground

In this episode, Jane Canniff and Carrie Fletcher discuss what it takes to be a woman in charge, and Lindsay Scott shares research on gender trends in project management.

John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen

EMEA Congress Special Episode - The Demands of Digitization

In this conversation, recorded at EMEA Congress 2018, John Daly and Henk van Huyssteen discuss how digitization is changing the way projects are run — and the skills project and program managers need to stay one step ahead.

Jim Boland

IBM PM Center of Excellence — Staying Relevant

Jim shares insights on the past, present and future of IBM's PMCoE, including its focus on attracting and developing tomorrow's project leaders, the challenge of balancing traditional methods with agile approaches, and the keys to remaining relevant over two decades.

Kevin Murphy

Transformation — Momentum and Mindset

In part two with transformation expert Kevin Murphy, Kevin discusses how project managers serve as big-picture change agents, developing a future mindset, how to instill new behaviors for creating a change-ready culture, and dealing with resistance.

Andy Kaufman

Team Leadership — Maximizing Potential

Andy defines leadership and teams in this episode and among the topics of discussion, he touches upon agile principles to bring out the best in the teams you lead.

Kevin Murphy

Transformation — Risks and Rewards

Kevin defines transformation, highlights what’s different for leaders, and makes a case that project professionals can achieve their best work when co-creation is achieved.

Dana Brownlee

Culture — Millennials in the Workforce

Dana shares insights on building strong work relationships between millennials and managers. With perspectives from both sides, she identifies behaviors and mindsets to foster cross-generational collaboration and understanding.

2017 Project of the Year — Complexity and Risk

Doug shares experiences and insights from managing PMI's 2017 Project of the Year. You’ll learn how the team overcame dangers of the work environment and the technical, talent, and communications challenges of the project.

Jane Canniff

Social Good: Leading Development Projects

Jane discusses how project management is changing and how it differs among the for-profit and global development sectors.

Oren Klaff

Communication — The Path to Payoff

Picking up our previous conversation on "pitching projects," Oren practices what he preaches — diving right into describing "a path to payoff" to follow when running team meetings or presenting a solution to stakeholders.

Anand Swaminathan

Digital Transformation — What It Takes

Real-world business examples of digital transformation enlighten part two of our conversation with Anand, as we dive more deeply into the role of cross-functional teams and discuss the culture challenges that must be addressed.

Scott Berkun

Creativity — Part of the Process

We return to the oft-neglected role of creativity in project management as Scott shares insights on bringing fresh-thinking and innovative problem-solving to your projects and teams, regardless of the work environment.

Lauri Bingham

Agile Ways — An Ongoing Journey

Lauri shares insights and lessons learned on adopting and integrating agile principles and practices into a variety of work environments. Lauri also covers the PMO’s role in supporting teams, hybrid approaches, and dealing with complexity.

Oren Klaff

Communication — Pitching Your Projects

Oren makes a compelling case for why pitching an idea or solution is a crucial skill for project managers, and he offers tips for getting buy-in and selling the future. Oren shares common mistakes we make in presentations and how we can avoid them.

Scott Berkun

Creativity — Make It Part of Your Toolkit

Scott highlights the need to bring creativity to process-orientated environments and addresses the often misunderstood, neglected role of creativity in project management.

Dr. Michael Chui

Artificial Intelligence — Opportunities Ahead

In this conversation, Chui summarizes vital research on the impact that AI will have on industries and particular jobs. Project managers will hear how to prepare and thrive in this fast-emerging, exciting and uncertain landscape.

Jacqueline Van Pelt

Career Development — Your Personal Project

Jackie shares down-to-earth advice, including developing your own leadership style, learning from executive stakeholders, asking “awkward questions” and building trusted relationships, which is the “conduit to influence.”

Anand Swaminathan

Digital Transformation — Why It Matters

In this conversation, Anand provides an overview of the digital landscape, why it is important to every organization’s future, the roles of project management in digital transformation, and culture challenges.

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