SeminarsWorld Registration Fees and Policies

How to Register for SeminarsWorld®:

Register online with a credit card.

Online registration – SeminarsWorld®
Online registration – PMI® Global Conference
Online registration – PMI® EMEA Congress

Please wait until you receive confirmation before purchasing flight or hotel accommodations.


Exact times may vary from session to session but typical SeminarsWorld course times are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for North America sessions and at PMI® EMEA Congress sessions run 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Attendees select a specific course, over a set of specific days. Each seminar is only open to those who have both registered and paid for that specific session. Continental breakfast and lunch are included for the days you have a course.

SeminarsWorld Fees

Fees include tuition, seminar materials, certificate of completion, continental breakfast and lunch. Courses utilizing an assessment may incur additional non-refundable assessment fees.

Fees for seminars held in North America

(All fees are listed in United States dollars and must be paid in United States currency).

Early PMI Member Rate Regular PMI Member Rate Early Nonmember Rate Nonmember Rate Government Rate
One-day Seminar US$700 US$750 US$750 US$895 US$700
Two-day Seminar US$1400 US$1500 US$1550 US$1790 US$1400
Three-day Seminar US$2100 US$2550 US$2550 US$2685 US$2100
Four-day Seminar US$2800 US$3000 US$3000 US$3580 US$2800

Fees for seminars held in EMEA

(All fees are listed in Euro and must be paid in EURO).

Early PMI Member Rate Regular PMI Member Rate Early Nonmember Rate Nonmember Rate Government Rate
Two-day Seminar €1095 €1225 €1140 €1440 €1095

Early Registration Deadlines

The above-referenced PMI Member Rates for early registration are available to existing PMI members and those who join PMI and pay the membership fee when registering for a SeminarsWorld program. Current members, and those who join when registering, are eligible for the PMI Member early registration rates when registration is postmarked, faxed, or received online with a credit card number no later than the below dates. Non-members who register no later than the below dates are eligible for the Non-member early registration rates.

Location Event Dates Early Registration Deadline
Scottsdale, AZ, USA (25-28 February 2019) 14 January 2019
New Orleans, LA, USA (19-22 March 2019) 5 February 2019
Seattle, WA, USA (8-11 April 2019) 25 February 2019
Charlotte, NC, USA (6-9 May 2019) 25 March 2019
Washington, DC, USA (13-16 May 2019) 1 April 2019
Dublin, Ireland (16-17 May 2019) 20 February 2019
Orlando, FL, USA (24-27 June 2019) 13 May 2019
Chicago, IL, USA (15-18 July 2019) 3 June 2019
San Francisco, CA, USA (5-8 August 2019) 24 June 2019
Nashville, TN, USA (16-19 September 2019) 5 August 2019
Philadelphia, PA, USA (1-4 & 8-9 October 2019) 24 July 2019
Houston, TX, USA (11-14 November 2019) 30 September 2019
Las Vegas, NV, USA (2-5 December 2019) 21 October 2019


SeminarsWorld Cancellation/Substitution Policy and Refund Dates

Refunds will be granted to cancellations received in writing up to 31 days or more before the first day of the seminar. Refund amount will equal registration fee paid minus US$50 or €50 processing fee per registrant.

Seminar Changes: Refunds will be granted to cancellations received in writing up to 30 days before the first day of the seminar. Refund amount will equal registration fee paid minus US$150 or €150 processing fee per registrant.

No Refunds - Requests for cancellations or transfers received 29 days or less from start date of seminar will not be eligible for refunds. Attendees who do not attend the seminar and have not communicated with PMI (“no shows”) are not eligible for refunds.

Seminar substitutions are not transferable from other PMI events or across calendar years. SeminarsWorld sessions purchased as a combination registration for PMI® Global Conference or PMI EMEA Congress are non-transferable to other SeminarsWorld locations. Attendees must cancel their registration and register for the individual SeminarsWorld session/location. 

If PMI cancels a seminar for any reason, PMI assumes no responsibility for nonrefundable airline tickets or other travel costs. PMI will make every effort to immediately notify registrants of a cancellation. PMI reserves the right to cancel any seminar that has insufficient enrollment.

Group Discounts

Any organization registering a group of at least 3 individuals to a specific SeminarsWorld location is eligible to send an additional registrant to a seminar at that location at no cost. The maximum number that any organization can receive is three complimentary registrations (one for every 3 registrants up to 9). This offer does not include travel or hotel expenses. Groups can be registered online and will indicate group registration and the option to “Register Another” via their registration dashboard.

Discounts are available for paid-in-full registrations only, and cannot be combined with any other discount(s). Complimentary registration must be requested at the time of enrollment and cannot be applied retroactively. Complimentary registration will be on the lowest-priced seminar.

Buy 3 get 1 free does not apply for seminars booked in conjunction with PMI® EMEA Congress or PMI Global Conference. For those events, the 10% discount applies for groups of 10 or more from the same company.

Government Rates

Government employees will be eligible for special discounted SeminarsWorld® government rates. Employees must register online and indicate the registration as Government. Registrants will be asked to provide their government ID onsite. If attendee does not provide government ID, they will be charged the regular pricing fee.

Embassy "Letter of Invitation"

During the online registration process, you will have the option to request an Embassy Letter for PMI SeminarsWorld. You will receive the letter via email 24-48 hours after you complete and pay for your registration. If you choose to pay by check, wire transfer or purchase order as your method of payment, you will receive an email notifying you to pay, with instructions on how to make your payment. Once payment is received, you will receive your letter via email within 3 business days.

In order to request an Embassy Letter, you will be required to submit the following information:

  1. Passport Expiration Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  2. Country of Issue

If you have questions about an Embassy Letter you may contact PMI recommends that all Visa applications must be sent to the appropriate Embassy at least 6 weeks from the start date of the event.

Refunds for registrations unable to obtain embassy letter (visa) must be received two weeks before the first day of the event. Refund amount will equal registration fee paid minus US$150 or €150 processing fee per registrant.

 Awarding of CEUs

At the conclusion of the training event, your trainer will note whether or not you have successfully completed the course and earned CEUs. If successful, you will be given a certificate awarding you the appropriate number of continuing education units. A copy of your training record and CEUs can be issued by contacting within 14 days of the completion of the training.

At the conclusion of the training, if you are not entitled to receive CEUs, you will be told reasoning why and you will be given specific suggestions for correcting that situation.

Right to Privacy

You have a right to privacy with regard to your progress in meeting the CEU requirements. Your trainer will not reveal to any third party any information regarding your CEU application or its resolution. Your record will be secured and will be accessible only to the administrative staff of PMI.

Record Retention and Release

A separate permanent record (your name, address, telephone, password, the beginning and ending dates of your program, the name and contact information of your trainer, and the number of CEUs earned) will be generated upon receipt by PMI. It will be retained seven calendar years, not including the year in which the CEUs were earned. Upon receipt of a signed request containing your name, address, as well as the program dates and your trainer’s name, PMI will, within 14 days, furnish to you a copy of your record.

Notice: Photographer/Videographer on Premises

A professional photographer and/or videographer may be on site to document PMI SeminarsWorld events. Photographs and videotapes are the sole property of PMI. By registering for and attending these events, attendees understand that PMI may use the likenesses for future promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify the photographer and/or videographer on site.

GDPR Regulations

PMI events comply with GDPR regulations. PMI will not share data with any third party unless the attendee consents. Consent is provided when an individual allows their badge to be scanned. During event registration, attendees acknowledge that they understand that their data will be shared in certain circumstances, and that by not allowing their badge to be scanned, their data will not be shared. Information printed in the attendee guide and on-site signage will reinforce this process. 

Email Scam Warnings

Attendee List Scam Warning

It has come to our attention that companies may be contacting some of PMI’s sponsors and exhibitors claiming to offer our attendee lists. This is a common occurrence with large industry conferences and trade shows in recent years. It is PMI’s policy to NEVER sell, rent or share attendee contact information, including email. No company is authorized to distribute or sell any email lists of attendees for our events. PMI is not providing these lists or generating these messages. If you receive an email offering to sell you a list of PMI conference attendees, we recommend you do not respond to it. By responding—even with a request to unsubscribe—you confirm that your email address is a valid one, which may increase the likelihood that you’ll be contacted again.  Please forward any email solicitations to

Hotel and Promotional Email Scam Warning

PMI recently has been made aware of incidents in which organizations falsely claim to be or to represent PMI by extending offers to register you for hotel rooms or PMI events. Please note PMI will not reach out to solicit  hotel rooms or register you for a PMI event. Should you be contacted by any organization or come across any other website that appears to reference PMI SeminarsWorld and claims to offer lower rates or a promotion to register through such organization and/or website, we urge you to use extreme caution and contact with any relevant information. These entities often create fake websites that look authentic, but are not authorized to represent PMI.



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