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PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting 2019—Asia Pacific

Penang, Malaysia

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant is the CEO of Tirian International Consultancy and co-author of the breakthrough new book, “Who Killed Creativity? And How Can We Get It Back?” In his roles as a facilitator and keynote speaker, Andrew has been engaged by market innovation leaders to help create a culture of innovation including: Nestle – facilitating a workshop on sustainable solutions for emerging markets at HQ in Switzerland; Four Seasons Hotels – preparing the exec team and all GMs to embrace the potential future of the hospitality industry in Canada; Disney – creating compelling ideas to use for marketing in Asia; Mercedes Benz with innovative brand positioning in China; and a number of large financial institutions around the world – assisting them with dealing with changes to the regulations, etc.  Andrew has authored over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs that are used by Fortune 500 companies and are sold under license worldwide. He has been a key speaker at some of the world’s largest events, including: the YPO/WPO Global Edge CEO Conference (Australia), The World Innovation Conference (France), HR Summit and Contingent Workforce Summit & WorkTech (Singapore), & the Leadership Bootcamp (Middle East – with Stephen Covey). He has also featured in a number of international media including: Harvard Business Review, BBC, Reuters and ABC TV, Fast Company and the Wall St Journal. Andrew’s significant success comes from the fact that he is not only able to talk intelligently and engagingly about the important elements of creative thinking and innovation, but it is easy to see it in everything he does.

Closing Keynote Address:
Are You an Innovation Leader?

How can leaders deal with the complexities and challenges of constant change? This keynote session will include a fascinating validated assessment and interactive exercises to help explore your unique Innovation Change Leadership profile (iCLi). You will learn how to manage the dynamic tension between the need for exploration and preservation and how to lead teams so they are propelled forward rather than ripped apart. You will also learn how to become an ambidextrous innovation leader. Drawing from research with thousands of survey responses, multiple interviews with heads of innovation and a deep-dive immersion into one organisation over two years, the session will reveal how successful leaders can fuel sustainable development.