Eligibility Requirements

Leadership Institute Meetings (LIMs) bring together chapter leaders to hone their leadership skills, increase their knowledge of chapter management and gain an understanding of PMI resources, programs and services. The meetings also provide the opportunity for collaboration, networking – and fun! 

Chapter leaders are invited to attend LIMs annually in North America and EMEA, and in alternating years in Latin America and the Asia Pacific. Each chapter board determines who will represent the chapter at a LIM. An access code is required to register and can be obtained from your chapter president.

Attendance Eligibility

As the primary purpose of the LIM is to strengthen chapter leaders so they can lead successful, sustainable chapters, the meetings are tied closely to the Chapter Leader Orientation (CLO). The CLO is designed to prepare new chapter leaders to be effective in their roles.

To achieve this, new leaders (those in a new leadership role since the last chapter election) must complete CLO before they are eligible to register for LIM. New leaders who are approved by their board to attend LIM must contact Chris Mairs ChapterSupport@PMI.org who will verify CLO attendance and provide the access code for them to register.

Completion of CLO is measured this way:

  • Prior to CLO2020 (18 February), completion means watching the two general sessions, “Welcome to PMI Chapter Leadership” and “Chapter Management Essentials,” plus the appropriate by-role session if one is available. 
  • After CLO2020 (18 February) completion means attending or watching the recording of one of the 2-hour live events, and watching the general session, “Chapter Management Essentials,” plus the appropriate by-role session if one is available.

Chapter Leader Orientation

Travel Grant

The travel grant program provides financial assistance to chapter leaders to attend a Leadership Institute Meeting, benefiting specific chapters as well as the entire PMI community. Travel grant funds offer a maximum of USD$2,000.00 per qualifying PMI chapter, to minimize travel and hotel costs to attend the specific Leadership Institute Meeting for which funds have been granted. All other expenses are the responsibility of the chapter or individual. 

Chapters that qualify for a travel grant must assure all new leaders in the chapter have completed the Chapter Leader Orientation before reimbursement will be issued. Refer to the previous section to understand who qualifies as a new leader and what qualifies as CLO completion.

Travel Grant