Leadership Institute Meeting 2020—Latin America

César Souza


A consultant for several companies in Brazil's 100 Largest and Best list, César is the president and founder of the Empreenda® Group and the EdE-Espaço do Entrepreneur. With solid experience as an executive, he is considered one of the leading Brazilian experts in Strategy, Leadership and Management, Client Culture and Entrepreneurship. With extensive experience in Brazil and abroad, including residency in the USA and Portugal.

In 1992, the World Economic Forum named him one of the “200 Global Leaders for Tomorrow”. He has authored a number of bestsellers, appearing on various lists in the Business category, and has sold over 400,000 copies in the last 5 years, including “You Are the Leader of Your Life”, “You Are the Size of Your Dreams”. “The NeoEmpresa”, the provocative “Clientividade®: How to offer what your customer wants” and the recently launched “Play to Your Favor: Turn Luck by Working on Your Own.”

Creator of the innovative concepts and programs of Clientivity, Strategic Reflection, Team Business (instead of the traditional Team Building) and Leaders in Action, César Souza was named by Exame magazine and the newspaper O Globo as one of the most requested speakers in Brazil and, since 2010, he has been nominated as one of the 5 “Speaker of the Year”. Você RH magazine listed him as one of the 8 Best World People Management Experts.

In the press, there are several articles published in magazines and newspapers from Brazil and abroad. He is the creator and protagonist of HSM's “Leaders in Action” series on ManagemenTV, the first series on leadership in Brazilian television.