LIM Keynote Speaker: Mallory Weggemann


Mallory Weggemann shares her incredible story of triumphing over setbacks – from her suffering permanent paralysis at 18 and nerve damage in her arm at 24, to medaling in one and making two Paralympic Games.

Instead of focusing on the life she lost after becoming paralyzed at the age of 18, Mallory did the incredible and created a new life for herself. Within three months of her paralysis, Mallory was back in the swimming pool. Less than four years later, she set 15 world records and 33 American records on her way to winning gold and bronze at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. 

Mallory’s struggles and triumphs did not stop there. In a freak accident, she suffered a serious injury to her arm that kept her from competition for a year. Once again, Mallory persevered through challenges and pain to make the 2016 Rio Paralympics Games.

Mallory guides audiences how to manage setbacks. From the raw emotions of early obstacles, to the celebration of each milestone of independence and accomplishment along the way, she chronicles her journey to emerge infinitely stronger, tougher, and freer than she ever was before.

It is with tremendous enthusiasm and genuine frankness that Mallory shares her remarkable story with audiences ranging from Fortune 100 executives to small non-profits. Insisting that paralysis was merely one event among many in her life that has shaped, but not defined her. Mallory argues that we all choose either to allow limitations to overpower us or face them in a journey towards new abilities.

Keynote: We All Have the Ability to Change the World

With tremendous enthusiasm and genuine frankness, Mallory Weggemann shares her story – which she insists is still unfolding – with the world. Her journey did not begin or end with the day she was paralyzed, that was merely one moment among many in her life that has shaped, but not defined, her. The same, she insists, is true for any one of us. Whatever circumstances we face that may limit us, we all choose daily whether we will allow those limitations to power over us or whether we will face down our challenges in a journey towards redefining our own limitations.