Virtual Leadership Institute Meeting 2020—October
17 October 2020 

Talent Show & Contest at Virtual Leadership Institute Meeting

In the spirit of community and fun, we are challenging PMI volunteers across the world to submit an original video showing off a hidden or widely known talent. The videos will be on display during the October Virtual LIM, and attendees will vote on their favorite videos. The top-scoring videos will be announced in the 30 October edition of PMInsights.

Your “talent” can take any form as long as it is business appropriate, adheres to PMI’s Code of Conduct as well as Covid-safe guidelines wherever you are.

Can you do any of these?

  • Show feats of strength, flexibility, balance or speed
  • Recite original poetry
  • Belt out a song
  • Do a magic trick
  • Juggle
  • Perform acrobatics
  • Act
  • Dance
  • Surprise us!!


  • Submit an original video showcasing your talent
  • One submission per person
  • Videos cannot be longer than 45 seconds
  • You may use still photos with sound for your video if you choose

Deadline & Submission:

  • Upload your video by 21 September via Dropbox.
  • Use the following format to name your file:

Tips for Creating the Video

  • Quality: Set your phone to record in HD, 1920x1080 (also called 1080p) 
  • Shoot horizontally: Our publishing platform uses horizontal video, so shoot horizontally to give the viewers the best experience 
  • Stabilize your video: Use a tripod, or find a stable surface to place your phone to eliminate/reduce distracting, shaky video 
  • Don't use the phone’s zoom feature: Position your phone in a location that captures your desired shot without utilizing the zoom  
  • Light your video: If inside, be sure there is plenty of light. Natural light works great in videos! If you can, position yourself facing a window and use the sun.
  • Ensure good audio: Record in an area without a lot of background noise and stay close to the camera.


Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.