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How developers in India are disrupting the global gaming economy, and creating new ways to connect.

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With quality-of-life in India trending up and GDP growing substantially, new opportunities for economic growth are top of mind. While the video gaming market was ripe for disruption, India hadn’t been a major player, with other Asian countries historically taking the lead. During the pandemic, Indian citizens were seeking entertainment and safe connection with friends. Time on apps rose by 21% during the initial Indian lockdown and the total gaming customer base reached 300 million users. With a combination of opportune timing, new technological advancements, and infrastructure, India is quickly developing accessible games and growing the sport across the nation.

Using agile methodologies and citizen developer skills, developers have turned ideas into games for an entire nation. A mixture of growing resources makes this endeavor possible, including more smartphones, affordable data, and increased disposable income. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs have stimulated the convergence of retail, tech, hospitality, and events through spaces like cyber cafes, gaming tournaments, and online game streaming. As 5G network and broadband proliferate more of the country, anyone and everyone can enter the gaming sector and monetize their passion.

There’s a huge future for the growth of the Indian gaming. By 2022, forecasts predict the Indian market will grow by 40% to 204 billion rupees or 2.8 billion USD. On a global scale, India will compete and surpass other nations. India already ranks within the top five mobile gaming markets globally with a 13% share of global game sessions, but economists anticipate that Indian mobile gaming will attract an additional 40 million online gamers by 2022. By recognizing an opportunity in a challenging time, Indian developers and entrepreneurs have opened the nation to substantial revenues, job creation, and a different way of being together.

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