Leadership Institute Master Class Participant Role

As a LIMC participant your role is to be a fully engaged participant in the learning process with a focus on results. Your role is to seek improvement in your chapter, and possibly the workplace, through the application of knowledge and skills gained in the LIMC program.

The specific roles/expectations of the LIMC participant include: 

  1. Be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity to learn, seeking value in any experience associated with the program 

  2. Attend, be on time, engage fully, be productive, be present in all LIMC activities, from in-person meetings to webinars to online group interactions

  3. Seek the positives in the program and focus on how the content can be implemented 

  4. Meet or exceed the learning objectives; fully understand what is expected from each activity

  5. Share experiences and expectations freely, recognizing that others are learning from them

  6. Plan to apply what is learned in your chapter (and perhaps in your workplace)

  7. Remove, minimize or work around barriers to application and success

  8. Apply the learnings in your chapter, making adjustments and changes as necessary to be successful

  9. Act in a manner that reflects the prestige of the LIMC program

  10. Provide data and/or experiences that show success and barriers, and enablers to success, when requested

Adapted from: Phillips, P.P. and Phillips, J. (2017). The Business Case for Learning