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PMI’s Most Influential Projects of 2022

The global community now stands at a critical precipice: How can we tackle the problems of the present as we envision a more ideal future? Collectively, this year’s 50 Most Influential Projects aim to answer that very question—with teams delivering inspiring solutions for the world’s more pressing issues. And sometimes, they just made the way we live, work and play a whole lot easier, better or more interesting.

These remarkable endeavors combined with those featured on our Top 10 lists turn innovation into an art form, showcasing creative thinking around everything from climate change to infrastructure development to space exploration. There’s no shortage of smart problem-solving and sheer gumption in the array of 200+ projects you’ll discover here—and no limit to the possibilities for companies and project leaders who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

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Top 10 Most Influential Projects by Industry

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Top 10 Most Influential Projects by Region

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Most Influential Projects 2022: Bold Visions for a Changed World

Most Influential Projects 2022 | #MIP2022

#MIP2022 is here! Bold visions for a changed world fuel this year’s Most Influential Projects. Over 200 amazing projects turn innovation into an art form, showcasing creative thinking around tackling climate change, rethinking infrastructure development, and reimagining where—and how—we work.

How the Projects Were Chosen

To identify the Most Influential Projects of 2022, PMI gathered recommendations and feedback from hundreds of experts, members and stakeholders across the globe. Finalists were then individually researched, with each project required to achieve at least one significant milestone over the past 18 months. The ultimate selections were chosen to represent the broad portfolio of activities, regions and industries fueling the world of projects.

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Projectified® Podcast Features 2022 Most Influential Projects

Tune in to Projectified® to hear more about the creative innovation of two projects from this year's list: one bridges the physical and digital worlds to create ABBA's immersive concert experience, the other pushes agricultural innovation to deliver the world's largest vertical farm.

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