What is Organizational Transformation?

Organizational transformation is a process of significant and comprehensive change in an organization's structure, culture, and strategy. It is critical for businesses to keep pace with the rapidly evolving business environment. However, according to McKinsey, data shows that 70% of large-scale transformations fail, and even the successful ones only realize 67% of the maximum financial benefits envisioned.

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  • Three self-paced, online courses
  • Earn three micro-credential badges upon successful completion of each course exam
  • 30 PDUs in the complete series

Introducing PMI's Organizational Transformation Series

To help project professionals and change-makers lead transformations within their organizations, PMI offers the Organizational Transformation Series (OTS). This self-paced virtual course series covers the processes, best practices, frameworks, and strategies behind large-scale organizational transformations, and allows organizations to leverage internal talent to transform from within.

The OTS is designed to bridge the gap between transformation strategy and execution, helping project professionals to lead transformation efforts in a more effective and efficient way. The series comprises three courses: Foundation, Implementation, and Orchestration. Each course engages learners with content that explains how to reduce transformation expenses, drive engagement, and ultimately strengthen organizational culture using different frameworks and models.

By including these frameworks and models, learners will not only gain a theoretical understanding of organizational transformation but also practical tools and techniques to implement change within their organization.

Organizational Transformation Series

This new, self-paced virtual series is helping empower leaders and their teams to create a culture that supports transformation and ultimately future growth and success.

Why Organizational Transformation Series?

The OTS is ideal for project professionals and change-makers at all levels who are responsible for driving change within their organizations. By completing the series, project professionals can test their learnings and earn micro-credentials, positioning themselves as trusted experts who can support or potentially lead an organizational transformation.


Organizations that invest in the OTS can benefit from internal transformation experts who already understand the company's values and culture, resulting in faster, more cost-effective, and more culturally attuned transformations that keep pace with the quickly evolving business environment.

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Organizational Transformation

Audience: Anyone
5-10 hours / 9 modules
10 PDUs + Micro-Credentials and Badge Award

Learn the building blocks, fundamental methodologies and people side of transformation.

Course + Exam

Member Price: $199.00
Non-Member Price: $299.00

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Two Professionals Talking

Audience: Anyone
5-10 hours / 9 modules
10 PDUs + Micro-credentials and Badge Award

Learn how to assess the as-is context and capabilities of your organization and its people in order to activate the transformation life cycle.

Course + Exam

Member Price: $249.00
Non-Member Price: $349.00

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Two Professional Talking With Laptop

Audience: Anyone
5-10 hours / 8 modules
10 PDUs + Micro-credentials and Badge Award

Learn how to lead a people-centered transformation and anchor the new culture in your organization.

Course + Exam

Member Price: $299.00
Non-Member Price: $399.00

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See what others are saying...

Annie Sheehan

"I have been working on transformation projects for over 20 years, including Agile transformations. I still learned a LOT on this course and expanded my knowledge exponentially in a very short time."

– Annie Sheehan, PMP, Author, Facilitator and Project Coach

Kevin Darbelnet

"Develop essential transformative capabilities with practical tools and engaging content. PMI's Organizational Transformation Series is a must for anyone who wants to prepare their organization for future growth." 

– Kevin Darbelnet, Founder and CEO | Strategy Matrix, LLC

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