To Our Valued Global Stakeholders

Resilience to Evolution to Opportunity

Scientists now believe that evolutionary change happens much faster than previously thought. A significant shift in the environment, they say, can trigger physical and biological change in a matter of generations, rather than over hundreds or thousands of years.

In 2020, COVID-19 triggered worldwide disruption more rapidly than anyone could have imaged. It was devastating, but it also forced us to find new ways to evolve. Here at PMI, we pivoted to meet the needs of our communities. We accelerated our digital transformation to deliver products and services virtually, while also developing new offerings to help our stakeholders stay ahead of what comes next.

In the process, we demonstrated an extraordinary resilience that allowed us not just to survive the crisis but to prosper in ways that few organizations have matched and support our global community. Indeed, we like to describe PMI’s journey in 2020 as one of Resilience to Evolution to Opportunity.

Think back to the onset of the pandemic. It was a time of massive confusion. There were so many things we didn’t know – what populations were most at risk, how rapidly the virus would spread, what strategies would be most effective in combatting it.

As a global organization, however, we realized early on that things were going to get bad very fast. So, we responded in gymnastic fashion, moving quickly to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, ensure operational continuity and maintain services for customers and critical stakeholders.

The 2020 results speak for themselves:

  • Total PMI membership grew to 652,000 – an 8.5 percent increase
  • We administered more than 80,000 online-proctored PMP exams
  • We offered certification holders more than 557,000 free PDUs
  • We saw more than 175,000 enrollments in digital course offerings between April and October alone 

Perhaps most important: we managed to land the transformation we began in 2017 and move forward on our strategic journey to PMI 4.0.

As part of this journey, we fostered both traditional and new ways of working. We empowered a wider range of changemakers across sectors, industries and professions to have 10X greater impact. And we continued to unveil new offerings — such as Basics of Disciplined Agile and Citizen Developer — to enhance our relevancy to the project management community.

We also established our regional operating model so that we could draw closer to critical stakeholders around the world. And we established a Diversity Equity & Inclusion core team to support our employees as they navigated a world calling for greater social justice and racial equality.

As we move forward in 2021, PMI is truly “the go-to place for all things project.” Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, chapters, members, staff and board of directors, we continue to be the resource that people reach out to when they want to turn their ideas into reality.

While much work remains to be done in taming COVID globally, we are optimistic about 2021. Our prospects are bright, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all you’ve done to move us forward on our journey from Resilience to Evolution to Opportunity.


Tony Appleby
Chair, PMI Board of Directors
Sunil Prashara
PMI President & CEO

Sunil Prashara
Tony Appleby


increase in total PMI membership


Administered online-proctored PMP exams


registrations for the 2020 Virtual Experience Series

Offered certification holders more than


free PDUs

April to October


enrollments in digital course offerings

PMI Board of Directors

The PMI Board of Directors plays a crucial governance role in every major decision impacting PMI from refreshing the organization’s long-term strategy, to responding to environmental impacts like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“In 2020, I'm proud that PMI maintained an unwavering focus on employee health, safety and wellbeing – while still adopting numerous progressive actions ahead of many other organizations, significantly advancing digital customer experience with extraordinary speed, and assuring sustainable operations and service to stakeholders worldwide.”

– Dot McKelvy, Vice President, Global Talent