PMIEF Announces Its 2024 Board of Directors


The PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) announces the 2024 Board of Directors! We are thrilled to have each of our 2024 board members and look forward to their contributions to help support PMIEF in its mission — to enable youth to realize their potential and transform their lives through project management. Elected by their colleagues, the following Board Directors will serve as the 2024 PMIEF officers:

  • PMIEF Board Chair – Mitchell Fong, PMP
  • PMIEF Board Secretary – Connie Figley, PMP
  • PMIEF Board Treasurer – Anca Slusanschi, MSc, PMP, ICP-APM

Elected by their colleagues, the following will serve as the 2024 PMIEF committee chairs:

  • Strategy Oversight Committee Chair (SOC) – Karen Dove, PMP
  • Committee for the Selection of Elected Directors Chair (CSED) – Ramam Atmakuri, PMP

The following individuals will continue to serve PMIEF in 2024:

  • Ayodeji Ishmael, PMP
  • Kara Neil, PMP

PMIEF congratulates the following new Directors joining the Board in 2024: ·

  • Robert Hatszegi, MBA, PgMP
  • Daniel Abella, PMP

PMIEF would also like to thank the following Board members who completed their terms at the end of 2023, for their years of faithful service to the organization.

  • Christiaan Kindermans, PMP
  • Anael Ndosa

We appreciate all of your support!