PMIEF and Children International: Empowering Youth to Act as Change Agents for Social Impact in Their Communities

PMI Educational Foundation and Children International

Children International, a global non-profit helping children break the cycle of poverty, received over $1 million in funding and support over the last three years from the PMI Educational Foundation to help equip students with a project management skillset. This included a substantial $681,349 grant, along with expert project management coaching and educational resources. The initiative aimed to empower youth (ages 12+) as change agents, enabling them to address community challenges through social impact projects.

CI, along with PMIEF, is thrilled to share through the partnership a total of 18,296 young individuals worldwide participated in skill development programs. They applied these skills to initiate more than 120 community service projects addressing various issues, from community gardens in Ecuador to clinic improvements in Honduras and park revitalization projects in India.

Through these initiatives, youth not only developed essential skills but also took pride in their communities, creating a ripple effect that extended to their families and neighbors. This process fostered a sense of civic engagement and social responsibility, showcasing the significant impact of this partnership.

Watch the video to learn how Children’s International student participants are making a difference in their communities and how project management made a difference in their life.