PMIEF Partners with Leading Nonprofits to Help Youth Learn Project Management

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Strategic investments build nonprofits' capacity to integrate project management into programming and operations

PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) today announced its partnership with three of the world's leading nonprofit organizations to further amplify and sustain their global impact by integrating project management into programming for youth ages 5 to 19. Through these strategic investments totaling US$ 2.4 million, PMIEF will help prepare young people to better pursue their academic and professional goals by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for 21st century success.

PMIEF executes its current youth-focused strategy through nonprofits around the world that engage young people in highly experiential, project-oriented activities. The foundation partners with organizations that serve young people in at least two countries to ensure youth acquire and apply skills in critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. In addition, the generosity of PMIEF's donors and volunteers allows the foundation to deliver project management fundamentals training and a one-year mentored experience to its partners to strengthen their ability to embed project management into business and administrative functions.

"Nonprofits are increasingly expected to deliver societal value by readying youth to meet global demands," said Jeannette Barr, Executive Director of PMIEF. "Our partnerships provide organizations fiscal support, educational resources and access to volunteer expert project managers so they can better prepare their program participants to lead happy, productive lives and more effectively deliver against their stated mission."

PMIEF's three partners are:

  1. F1 in SchoolsTM, which delivers a global science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competition that challenges youth in 26,000 schools to create the fastest, miniature, compressed air-powered racecar they can using Formula 1® (F1) model block and computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing software. The nonprofit will more deeply integrate project management into this contest that inspires young people to practically apply classroom lessons in aerodynamics, physics, design, manufacturing and marketing and branding.

    "We're delighted to welcome PMIEF as a partner of F1 in SchoolsTM, and look forward to a long and successful relationship," said Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman F1 in SchoolsTM. "Project management is fundamental in our challenge as the students have limited time and resources for taking their F1 in SchoolsTM entry from concept to reality, and I'm sure that PMIEF will be able to assist our students with this process. The scope of the partnership allows us to extend the learning and training to F1 in Schools staff and our in-country coordinators (ICCs), who deliver the program internationally, and I am sure there will be enormous benefit to both individuals and F1 in Schools to have this opportunity."

    Staff and ICCs began participating in project management training and coaching at the start of the year, and will integrate project management into the competition handbook. More than 1 million youth in over 50 countries will ultimately use this project management-enhanced handbook annually beginning in 2021.

  2. Junior Achievement Africa (JA Africa), which ensures youth across the continent acquire and apply the competencies necessary to launch their own business, succeed in today's global economy and make prudent financial decisions. The organization will integrate project management into the JA Company Program®, an entrepreneurship program that empowers young people to either solve a problem or fulfill an unmet need in their community as they design, execute, manage, market and monitor their own microenterprise.

    "One of our priorities as an organization is to ensure that the content we deliver to young people is continually reviewed and refreshed to make it more work-relevant. Therefore, incorporating the discipline of project management into our flagship program will enhance its impact as a program. We are proud of this partnership with PMIEF and looking forward working together toward improving learning outcomes for young Africans," said Elizabeth Elango Bintliff, CEO of JA Africa. The organization will integrate project management into the JA Company Program® in 14 member nations through a phased scale-up. With training and coaching for headquarters and country staff beginning in 2020 and continuing through 2022, Junior Achievement Africa will pilot the project management-enriched programming starting the 2020-21 academic year. It will reach an estimated 20,000 youth continent-wide through this partnership.

  3. Special Olympics International, which encourages inclusion with the aim of eradicating discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities. The nonprofit will create an interactive e-learning platform with content in six languages, establish a project management track for its youth leadership summits and award Youth Innovation Grants that fund young people's design and execution of social good projects around the world.

    "With the support of PMIEF, Special Olympics youth leaders will be even better equipped to lead projects in their communities with more confidence, enthusiasm and proficiency than ever before," said Mary Davis, CEO of Special Olympics. "I am excited for our youth leaders around the world to gain an understanding of project management principles to make their projects come to life. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience creating smart work plans will help them get to the finish line faster. Understanding project management and how it increases impact is a skill they will use for their entire careers."

    Special Olympics staff will participate in project management training and coaching beginning in 2020. The nonprofit will develop and pilot its e-learning platform this year, which will support recipients of Youth Innovation Grants to execute their social good projects in more than 40 countries. In addition, Special Olympics will integrate project management programming at its youth summits by 2021. The organization will reach approximately 10,000 youth through this partnership.

About F1 in SchoolsTM
F1 in SchoolsTM is a not-for-profit company established with committed partners to provide an exciting yet challenging educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula 1®. F1 in SchoolsTM is rapidly realizing its potential of becoming the only truly global educational program that raises awareness of Formula One among students and schoolchildren in every region, in every country, on every continent. Spanning age ranges of 9 to 19, its main objective is to help change perceptions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, mathematics, science, Formula One, marketing and technology.

The competition challenges students to create their own Formula One team, which is commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest miniature Formula One 1 Car of the Future: a 21 centimeter-long scale model built from a modelling block and powered by a compressed air cylinder. Each team of between three and six students creates a "pit" display and showcases their work in developing their racecar. At the National Finals, each team brings along a pit display, their cars and portfolio as well as having prepared a verbal presentation for the judges. The cars race on a 20-metre track, with the cars covering the distance in around one second. The World Finals bring together the best students to compete for the coveted World Champions trophy and valuable university scholarships and bursaries.

About Junior Achievement Africa
Junior Achievement Africa (JA Africa) is a member of JA Worldwide, one of the largest global non-profit organizations focused on the economic empowerment of youth. JA Africa prepares youth for the future of jobs through the delivery of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship training. In collaboration with schools, technical/vocational centers and other partners, JA Africa works to augment the traditional training for both in-school and out-of-school youth, aged 5-35 years, with life skills, business training and mentorship, in order to encourage innovative thinking, develop positive financial attitudes and enhance career aspirations. JA's flagship JA Company Program®, for example, provides introductory entrepreneurship education to high school students by giving them the opportunity to organize and operate an actual business from capitalization to liquidation. Over the course of the school year, students collaborate to start and run businesses: they develop a product or idea, sell shares, establish Boards of Directors, recruit and select management, create job descriptions, hire staff, create products, market products and, hopefully, make profits. In the last decade, over 220,000 young Africans have been reached through the Company Program.

Today, JA Africa engages over 3,000 volunteers annually to teach over 250,000 young people in 15 African countries. Learn more about us at

About Special Olympics, Inc.
Special Olympics is a global inclusion movement using sport, health, education and leadership programs every day around the world to end discrimination against and empower people with intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1968, and celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, the Special Olympics movement has grown to more than 6 million athletes and Unified Sports partners in over 190 countries. With the support of more than 1 million coaches and volunteers, Special Olympics delivers 32 Olympic- type sports and over 100,000 games and competitions throughout the year. Special Olympics is supported by individuals, foundations and partners, including Bank of America, the Christmas Records Trust, The Coca-Cola Company, ESPN, Essilor Vision Foundation, the Golisano Foundation, IKEA Foundation, the Lane Family, the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, Lions Clubs International, Safilo Group, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, TOYOTA, United Airlines, and The Walt Disney Company. Click here for a full list of partners. Engage with us on: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and our blog on Medium. Learn more at

About PMI Educational Foundation
PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) is a 501(c)(3) supporting organization of the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for those who consider project, program, or portfolio management their profession. Founded in 1990, PMIEF cultivates long-term relationships with nonprofits across the globe to help them integrate project management in their youth programs and to build their own project management capacity. The foundation achieves its mission to “enable youth to realize their potential and transform lives through project management” and its vision for “inspiring youth to achieve their goals, making dreams a reality” by investing in high-quality organizations that exemplify a commitment to preparing young people for 21st century success and an appreciation for both the societal application and value of project management. Visit the PMIEF Partner page on for more information.

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