SBA Avidity Racing Wins Project Management Award at F1® in Schools’ World Finals

PMIEF and F1® in Schools: Team SBA Avidity

SBA Avidity Racing Wins Project Management Award at F1®in Schools World Finals

This summer, 53 teams from around the globe competed in the 17th annual Formula 1 in School’s World Finals, held at the prestigious Silverstone Formula 1 circuit in the United Kingdom. The F1® in Schools competition provides an opportunity for teams of students to research, design, test, manufacture and race a miniature Formula 1 car, using some of the advanced technology applied within real F1® teams. All teams competing spent hundreds of hours producing their models, utilizing a myriad of skillsets – including project management.

Since partnering with the PMI Educational Foundation in 2019, Formula 1 in Schools has worked to embed project management into the curriculum of the regional and world finals competition. 2022 was the first year not only back to in person events since the pandemic, but also the first-year project management and project portfolios become a mandatory requirement of student participants.

Of all the incredible talent at the Formula 1 in Schools World Finals, team SBA Avidity from the host nation UK, won the Best Application of Project Management award, and took third place overall at the finals.

“Learning project management was vital. We have to fund this project ourselves, so we must organize and budget how everything is allocated. Without project management, we wouldn’t be here,” said Libby, SBA Avidity’s Team Project Manager.

Watch the video above and read the full Q&A from Team Principle and Team Project Manager to learn more about team SBA Avidity and the impact learning project management has had early in their life.

PMIEF: What was your experience with Formula 1 in schools? How did learning project management make a difference?

Missy: "This competition brings the smartest minds of the world into one competition, so teamwork is key. Every single piece of your work needs to be consistent throughout. That’s why, as three team members, we each have our own allocation, including project management."

Libby: “Learning project management was vital. It helped us to complete the project. We have to fund this project ourselves, so we have to organize and budget how everything is allocated. Without project management, we wouldn’t be here.” “There are so many tasks and so many tasks and deliverables I needed to complete so having Gantt charts, critical schedules, critical paths, all of the tools helped us reach the result. I have a full portfolio of skills I’ve learned. It’s been really interesting, and I’ve really enjoyed it and understand the widely used principles of project management.”

PMIEF: How has project management had an impact in your day-to-day life?

Missy: “Project management is a big part of a student's life, in my opinion. Alex and I just finished our level exams and it happened the day of the World Finals submission was the same day as one of the L.Level exams. So balancing studying, revision and getting everything done for the world finals was extremely hard until we realized that using what Libby has taught us through project management could make it a lot more efficient and a lot less stressful for us.”

PMIEF: Do you see project management as a future career after this experience?

Libby: “I think project management is a definite possible career path for me. I’m quite an organized person, so having this experience I realize it’s something I like and something that I enjoy doing which I didn’t expect."

PMIEF: What do you think students should know about project management?

Libby: “Something I would like young people to know about project management is that it’s not what it seems. It can appear boring looking at numbers and spreadsheets, but it’s the place it can take you that you need to know. I'm at Silverstone doing project management. It’s not just project management that you do, you project manage for something else. It can take you to hundreds of places – if that’s an F1 team, an aerospace company, or just in general. Whatever you want to do, I can guarantee you’ll need project management."

Alex: "Seeing all of the charts and graphs can be intimidating at first, but through seeing Libby’s journey as Team Project Manager, taking it one step at a time. She’s come so far in this journey."

PMIEF: What are some of your takeaways from learning project management?

Alex: "Seeing all your hard work payoff is extremely rewarding."