The Impact of the PMIEF and F1® in Schools Partnership

The Impact of the PMIEF and F1® in Schools Partnership

For three years, the PMI Educational Foundation has partnered with Formula 1 in Schools to integrate project management into its STEM programming and enable youth to become equipped with a project management skill set.

"We both have common goals," said Andrew Denford, CEO of F1® in Schools. "We’re working to support students ages eleven to nineteen. We want to support any ambitions they have and now they’re going to become more well-rounded individuals ready for the world of work. We have brought project management into the program and made it a fundamental part of the process."

Since the partnership commenced, nearly 3 million students have been impacted by the partnership, learning the basic principles of the profession through their participation in the regional and world competitions. The program includes the project portfolio aspect, using F1® in Schools Project Management Guide, which was created in partnership with PMIEF and PMBOK® Guide methodologies.

"I’m so happy with the collaboration between F1 in Schools and PMIEF because it’s an opportunity for all students to learn about project management," said Erina Wal Zul, project manager for Team Ecolest9 from Malaysia. "This is a key skill everyone needs no matter what future careers they will have. Its core skills you need to develop."

Watch the video above to learn about the impact of the partnership.