PMIEF and Destination Imagination Present the Virtual Remix Instant Challenge

PMI’s philanthropic arm, the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF), and Destination Imagination (DI), a global youth-serving nonprofit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of leaders through STEM, have joined forces to present two virtual, no-cost Instant Challenges. Each Challenge will help youth learn and apply project management through an innovative activity that helps bring learning to life.

Specifically, the new Instant Challenges require teams to utilize the five project management process groups that professional project managers use when undertaking a project: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

The first Challenge, Virtual Remix (released today), requires teams plan and present two virtual performances about managing a unique project. While the end product requires teams integrate the management of a project as part of the performance of their solution, Virtual Remix also asks them to carefully consider how they apply the project management process groups as they problem-solve their Challenge.

This PMIEF-sponsored Instant Challenge marks the first time that DI has developed a Challenge that explicitly requires teams to utilize the Instant Challenge Project Management (ICPM) tool, which will help DI teams learn project management fundamentals in real time and then immediately apply those skills as they engage in a hands-on, experiential activity. The best part is students within the organization will learn the 4 C’s – community, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity – and have fun all while learning project management.

What also makes this Challenge unique is that it requires teams tap into their improvisational acting and theater skills, which do not always seemingly align with project management. However, integrating project management into a Challenge that is inherently artistic in nature ensures participants’ experience will be richer than if the Challenge only incorporated one or the other. It will allow teams to make deeper connections with the content as well as imagine other situations and scenarios that will allow them to apply the complementary skills they are learning.

PMIEF is proud to continue its relationship with DI to emphasize the importance of teaching project management to youth. Together, PMIEF and DI work to better integrate the tools and techniques necessary for teams to not only be successful in solving these Challenges, but also managing the complex projects that they will inevitably encounter in school, their career and in life.

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Stay tuned for the second PMIEF-sponsored virtual Instant Challenge – Cooperative Building – to be released 10 August!