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Volunteers are at the core of PMIEF's 30+ year success. We're grateful to those who volunteer their time to help serve PMIEF's mission - enable youth to realize their potential and transform lives through project management. Learn more about how you can get started with PMIEF's free resources and volunteer opportunities below.

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Learn how you can volunteer with PMIEF - locally, virtually or globally - by visiting the PMI VRMS system for all PMI volunteer opportunities.

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The PMIEF Endowment funds several Academic Scholarships and Awards, including PMI Founders, PMI Fellows, James Snyder Paper of the year award, and the Dr. Harold Kerzner scholarships.

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Helpful resources to support your volunteering 

Image for Project Management in NGOs resource

Project Management in NGOs

Since 2008, the PMI Mumbai Chapter has been helping to build the capacity of grassroots non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through project management training.

To date, they’ve trained more than 85 employees from at least 37 organizations. Members of the chapter created a training course utilizing a variety of resources, one of which was PMIEF’s PM Skills for Life®. These members shared this resource with PMIEF, making this course accessible for the general public on 

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Project Management Skills for Life cover

Project Management Skills for Life® 

Project Management Skills for Life® is a guide that provides an introduction to the basics of project management as well as tools and techniques to help develop skills to become a great project manager leading successful projects.

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Cover of Tower Game

Tower Game

The Tower Game is a fun project management exercise that can be used by students of all ages, as well as adults.

The game teaches participants to consider time, cost, quality and risk. The game can be used as an ‘ice breaker’, a stand-alone exercise or as part of a class. Watch the fun video below to learn how Pablo Lledo, PMIEF Board Chair, uses the Tower Game resource to teach his kids the importance of project management.

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Project Management Fiction Books for Youth

Project Management Fiction Books for Youth

As a parent and project management professional, Gary M. Nelson, PMP, has written a series of six youth fiction books that describe project management using age-appropriate language and examples that will resonate with youth, ages 9 – 12+. Because of his passion for teaching project management to youth, he has generously offered to donate digital copies of the books.

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