7 July 2020 R.E.P. News 2020

New! Authorized Training Partner Timeline

The Authorized Training Partner program application opens on 11 May 2020 at 12:00 p.m. EST. We will be offering a discount to those who apply in May through October. The earlier you apply and get approved as a Premier Authorized Training Partner, the more money you save.

Visit the New Program tab on 11 May 2020 for more information about the timeline, application process, discount offer, and updated FAQs. 

Please note: The R.E.P. program in China will not be changing at this time so there is no action for those of you in China. This is because a PMP candidate’s exam preparation process in mainland China is different than in the rest of the world (with the requirement to register through CITEF). If you have any questions please send them to [email protected].

Contracts for the Current R.E.P. are Extended until 31 December 2020

Your current R.E.P. program contract will be extended to 31 December (instead of 30 June 2020) so that you can continue business as usual during these uncertain times. No further action is needed from you.

If you paid for a full year of R.E.P. membership after July 2019, you will receive a prorated refund. For example, if your renewal was for September 2019-September 2020 you will receive a prorated refund. If you received a prorated invoice for R.E.P. membership ending June 2020, you have no further action to take.

We will continue to provide you with access to RFPs on the R.E.P. LinkedIn group until the program retires. If you join the new program (under the Premier tier) you will not have access to RFPs until the current R.E.P program is retired.

Making a PMImpact

Our community is in a unique position to help those impacted by COVID-19. In response to these uncertain times, we are launching a new social good campaign  – PMImpact. Learn how you can volunteer and share your stories on our new PMImpact microsite. We can’t wait to see the impact you’re making!

New eCommerce Platform Has Launched

We have launched a new Seamless Purchasing Experience via a new online commerce platform (Magento). We believe the new platform will improve the overall customer experience, providing a more personalized approach and creating a unified and seamless purchasing experience. As part of this release, there are several key changes to the purchasing process of PMI products of which we would like you to be aware, including:

  • R.E.P. Representative Book Purchases: When R.E.P. Representatives log into PMI.org, they are identified as R.E.P. Representatives based on their profile, and eligible titles are automatically displayed at a 55% discount. R.E.P. Representatives no longer need to check a box to receive the discount.  For offline orders, R.E.P. Representatives will now need to contact PMI Customer Operations rather than PMI’s book fulfillment vendor, PBD, to facilitate order placement.
  • Shipping Rates: Shipping will now be calculated in real-time using UPS retail rates, and based on a combination of product weight and distance from PMI’s fulfillment center. Longer shipping distances (especially international) and heavier product weights could result in higher shipping costs than were charged in the past using flat shipping rates.

We have prepared our Customer Care team to handle inquiries related to these changes. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

New! Online Proctored Testing for PMP® Exam

Project Management Professional (PMP)® candidates can now schedule to take their PMP® exam online from the convenience of their home or office! Online proctored testing (OPT) is an important step in helping members and certification candidates invest in their professional development during these uncertain times.

We are beginning to share the next steps with PMP candidates directly, but you can find more information about the online exam experience, how candidates can schedule, and FAQs.

New! Built-In 10-Minute Break During PMP Exam

Both the OPT and center-based testing PMP exams will now have a built-in 10-minute break. We added the break to ensure candidates could leave the room to use the restroom or address other needs during the four-hour exam. Here’s how it works:

  • The exam is now divided into two parts. Once candidates complete the first part of the exam, review their answers, and submit it, their break starts.
  • The break is not mandatory. Candidates can break for up to 10 minutes, or they can choose to continue to the second part of the exam immediately after submitting the first part.
  • During the break, they can leave the room, but once the break begins, they CANNOT revisit questions from the first part of the exam. 
  • Candidates must keep track of their break. If they do not return at the end of the maximum 10 minutes, the exam session will be terminated. 
  • At the end of the break, candidates will be checked in by their proctor and will finish the second and final part of the exam.

We know this new break may affect how some students approach the exam. We ask that you and your instructors familiarize yourself with this new break and incorporate it into your training courses as appropriate.