December 2020 R.E.P. News


The holiday season is an important time of year to everyone and we want to ensure that your business can run smoothly day-to-day.

PMI global headquarters will be closed to observe the 2020 holiday season from the end of day 18 December through 3 January.

During this time, please expect delays in our response due to the closure. We strongly encourage you to submit any outstanding information, whether it is needed to process your application or submit or process your payment, before the business closure.

We’ve outlined our customer service coverage for you during our company holiday closure.  Normal staff coverage will resume on 4 January.

Warm wishes to all for a safe season!

News for R.E.P.s

It’s Time to Retire Your Courses 
As we approach the end of the R.E.P. Program (retiring 31 December 2020), those R.E.P.s who are not applying to become an Authorized Training Partner must remember the following: 

  • Non-Authorized Training Partners are not permitted to enter courses into the CCRS after 31 December 2020.
  • All courses you have uploaded into the CCRS, not just exam prep courses, but all PDU-eligible courses, will be transitioned to “retired.”

And just a reminder to the R.E.P.s that became Authorized Training Partners: you must delete any PMP exam prep courses for the current exam (retiring 31 December 2020) if they are scheduled past 31 December 2020. Moving forward, the following are the only types of courses that can be posted in the CCRS:

  • Authorized Training Partner’s PMP exam prep courses for the new exam launching 2 January 
  • Authorized Training Partner’s PDU-eligible & non-PMP exam prep courses. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

It’s Not Too Late to Apply
Interested in submitting an application for the Authorized Training Partner? We encourage you to do so as soon as possible! As a reminder the R.E.P. Program is retiring on 31 December.

News for Authorized Training Partners

New Way for Candidates to Find Authorized Training Partners
We added a new Authorized Training Partner page on While this page will continue to evolve as the R.E.P. Program is retired, it explains what an Authorized Training Partner is and why they are a valuable asset to the candidate’s exam prep experience. From there, candidates can view a full list of all Partners, including those offering Disciplined Agile workshops. This list will be updated regularly to reflect all new partners in our program. It is an early iteration of the true Authorized Training Partner database we will host on in 2021.

Good News for Instructors: Earn PDUs for Attending Train the Trainer Session
It’s official- all Certified Instructors who have attended the two-day Authorized Training Partner Train the Trainer – PMP® Exam Prep program and received their Instructor badge will automatically be issued 14 PDUs! The two-day course totals 14 hours, so we’re awarding 14 PDUs. No action is necessary from instructors. Any questions, please contact [email protected]

New! Print Your Authorized Training Partner Badge!
Several Partners asked for the ability to print their Authorized Training Partner badge as documentation of their Partner status. We designed a certificate you can print, complete with your unique issue and expiration dates, confirmation that PMI is the issuing organization, and even the link to verify it. To print your certification, log into your Acclaim Credly account, select your badge and click “share,” and then click the printer icon on the right. This will open a PDF of the badge to print. 

PMP Licensed Content - Update on Translations! 
Our team has been working hard to get these translated PMP instructor and student materials added to the LO Store. Now you will see materials (excluding the post-class survey) in the following languages: Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, French, Korean, and Japanese. We will add materials in Arabic in December and translate the post-class surveys soon. 

New to Disciplined Agile? It’s Time to Dive In!
Are you an Authorized Training Partner new to Disciplined Agile and the Agile Certification Journey? Learn more about the DA offerings as it’s a new training opportunity for you. See below for helpful resources to get you in the know:

Get Your Instructors DA Certified
Interested in adding DA workshops to your Authorized Training Partner offerings? If you work with an instructor who has their Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI) certification, all you need to do is add them as an instructor in the ATP Dashboard (instructions listed above) and we will approve them. 

If you have instructors interested in teaching the course, but they do not have their CDAI certification, stay tuned for more information as we finalize the additional training required to teach DA. 

Just make sure the instructor is certified in the course they want to teach. For example, if an instructor wants to teach the DASSM workshop, they need to have their DASSM certification (or DALSM certification, which will automatically become the DASSM certification).

DASSM Licensed Content Is Here!
The licensed content for the DA Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) workshop is now available for purchase in the LO Store starting as of today. This includes the instructor materials and the student materials. DA Partners and Authorized Training Partners qualified to teach DA workshops now have the opportunity to teach DASM and DASSM workshops.