November 2019 R.E.P. News

Your Questions Answered

Answering Your Questions about the New Education Provider Program

On 11 November, we announced that we are retiring our current R.E.P. program on 30 June 2020. We understand that these program changes are very impactful to you, and that you are looking for information to make the right choices for your businesses and your customers. We’ve heard your questions and are using this opportunity for our COO Joe Cahill and R.E.P. Developer John Char to directly address them. We will share additional details about the future state, including the timeline for the program roll-out and the pricing structure early in the New Year so you can make informed decisions.

Welcome New R.E.P.s


4872 DG Jones & Partners

Northern America
4887 PMGS Inc.

4901 Cambarian Design and Development LLC

4906 Thor Teaches LLC

4875 Professional PM Consulting & Training

4893 Vnnergy LLC

4845 United States University

4866 Clark University School of Professional Studies

Training Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Open date: 05 November 2019
Close date: 13 December 2019
Company Name: Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Course: Technical Training
Country: USA

Open date: 16 October 2019
Close date: 16 December 2019
Company Name: InnerWorkings
Course: Technical Training
Country: USA


If you have any questions please reach out to the R.E.P. Community LinkedIn group or R.E.P. Support Team at Thank you for partnership.