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Course Description

These are online training modules that a GAC Onsite Team Member must complete to effectively participate in the third step of the GAC Accreditation process, the Onsite Visit.  The supporting documentation includes information regarding the process and procedures used in conducting an onsite visit and can also be informational for programs applying for, or considering, GAC Accreditation.

The GAC Onsite Team Member training includes the following modules.

Module 1: GAC Accreditation Overview
Review of the GAC Accreditation Program and processes. Includes GAC mission and objectives, value, history, process, and benefits.

Module 2: GAC Onsite Visit Role Overview
Overview of the GAC Onsite Visit: focus on the purpose and process of the Onsite Visit, Team Member roles, responsibilities and benefits.

Module 3: GAC Onsite Visit Team Member Perspective
Insight into GAC’s expectations of the Onsite Visit Team: overview of Onsite Visit Team criteria, selection process, roles and responsibilities. Includes Team communications, ethical and behavior expectations and logistics.

Module 4: GAC Onsite Visit: Preparation, Planning, Execution & Closing
In-depth review of Onsite Team Members’ roles and activities: includes applicant program documentation review; onsite and post-onsite visit activities.

Module 5: GAC Accreditation Standards: Understanding Review and Alignment Expectations
Review of the scope and depth of each GAC Accreditation Standard and assessment tools Onsite Team Members use when reviewing a program’s Self-Assessment Report.

Module 6: Effective Accreditation Standard Review Processes and Techniques
Detailed review of tools and techniques used by Onsite Visit Teams while Onsite, from interviewing stakeholder groups to inspecting course materials.

Module 7: In-Depth Team Lead Training

Detailed review of the Team Lead role and responsibilities throughout each phase of the Onsite Visit.

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