Built Environment Performance and Materials Management Pro Micro-Credential

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Enhance Project Performance in the Built Environment

According to PMI’s global survey of experts in the construction industry, for every $1 billion spent on projects, $127 million is wasted. Built Environment Performance and Materials Management Pro is a course and micro-credential bundle designed to help you enhance the efficiency and productivity of built environment projects. Key topics include:

  • How to build a project performance strategy

  • The core progress measurement methods, how they work, and when they are useful

  • Tools and techniques for effective materials management 

Estimated time to complete the course: 4 to 6 hours

About the Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (PMI-CP) Certification

This course is offered as part of the Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (PMI-CP) certification.  

The world is relying on construction professionals and organizations more than ever before, with $3.5 trillion in global economic infrastructure investment needed per year through 2035, according to McKinsey. 

As the world’s leading project, program, and portfolio management association, PMI—in collaboration with leading construction organizations and professionals around the globe—has developed the PMI-CP certification. The certification is designed to equip project management professionals with the skills needed to transform the global construction industry and bring large, complex projects to life.  

Earn a Micro-Credential

Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to test your understanding to earn a micro-credential badge.

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