Organizational Transformation: Orchestration Micro-Credential

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Organizational Transformation: Orchestration is the third course in the OT Series which provides the leadership and strategic knowledge of transformation initiatives to bring your project management to the next step. We guide project leaders towards enabling perpetual people-centered transformations. This advanced course applies focus on assessing market conditions and trends, exploring frameworks for achieving outcomes, and applying a human-centric approach towards your organization.

The Orchestration course will guide you to:

  • Describe what it takes to lead a people-centered transformation.

  • Identify and describe the various frameworks you will need to achieve transformation outcomes (such as Organizational Network Analysis, Exploit and Explore, and others).

  • Assess different market conditions, trends, and disruptors for your organization.

  • Describe the 4-phased framework of Waves, Horizons, Domains and Types that will enable you to frame the broader transformation picture.

  • Assess capabilities your organization will need to successfully transform.

How it works:

Your course becomes available immediately in your account Library. Upon completion of the course, you will automatically claim 10 PDUs to your profile and unlock your exam. You have three exam attempts within 180 days after the completion of the course. If you've not passed your exams in 180 days or in your three attempts, you have a waiting period of 45 days to purchase another paid attempt. You'll receive your badge within three days after the completion of the exam.




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