• Every year, TED works with a group of carefully selected organizations like PMI to identify their best inventors, connectors, and creators. They oversee the curation process and provide one-on-one talk development training to sharpen and hone ideas and talks. TED@PMI was a celebration of that need to reimagine those moments of inspiration and the mesmerizing experience of turning ideas into action.

    This was an opportunity to let talents, ideas, and vision of the project community shine to the world. We showcased project leaders who turn ideas into action and inspiration into reality. TED@PMI speakers took the stage to share their big, bold, creative idea with the PMI Community.

  • PMI Members Globally, Certification Holders in Mainland China and PMI Employees we’re invited to apply for the opportunity to be a speaker as part of the TED@PMI program earlier this year. TED reviewed the hundreds of applications and carefully selected 12 submissions for the TED@PMI program. Speakers were notified in May 2020.

  • No, TED@PMI was not a virtual event to earn PDUs towards maintaining a certification. If interested in earning PDUs please check out the new Virtual Experience Series at Experience.PMI.org.

  • Visit TED.com to learn more about hosting a local TEDx event.

  • TED@PMI was a free virtual celebration of our community of doers and the vision, inspiration and plain mesmerizing awe of turning ideas into action. The Virtual Experience Series allows project professionals the opportunity to experience the power of PMI’s global community and provides access to the best and brightest industry mentors and experts. You can earn 27+ PDUs, connect with your peers, and enjoy the wealth of services PMI has to offer you right now. Learn more about the Virtual Experience Series at Experience.PMI.org.

  • Please contact PMI Customer Care.