Identifying New Ways of Working

Drive Success in a World of Change

The Project Economy is one in which people have the skills and capabilities they need to turn ideas into reality. 

It is where organizations deliver value to stakeholders through successful completion of projects, delivery of products, and alignment to value streams. And all of these initiatives deliver financial and societal value.

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Welcome to The Project Economy

Center Stage: The Voice of The Project Economy

Our podcast series that presents the real meaning of innovative change and reimagining the way we work. 


Latest Episode: Episode 6 with Dr. Nancy Dixon & Joseph Cahill

Dr. Nancy Dixon is a world-renown leader helping organizations in collective sensemaking, managing knowledge, and designing virtual learning systems. There is a revolutionary shift in workplace practices and it offers a great opportunity to replace traditional toxic workplace settings, with more healthy and productive work. Her current research, and executive consulting, focuses on virtual work and conversation practices that help employees and organizations to shape the actions, values, goals, and direction for sustained success. This focus takes us toward a belief in the “ wisdom of the collective.” Such a term highlights the shift in work, one where organizations are flatter, teams are self-governing, and there is an emphasis on inclusive and diverse strategies for agility, conversation, and knowledge exchange. This reimagining of work is taking place while we are simultaneously learning about making collaboration work through virtual technologies. Nancy will offer insights on our reimagined work landscape, and how leaders can excel through practices that promote collaborative response based upon conversation.

Feature Story

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Earning Power: In Demand

Organizations are realizing they need project talent—and they’re willing to pay for it. No matter their place on the org chart or the sector or location they’re working in, most project professionals are earning more. Nearly three-quarters of respondents in PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey, 11th Edition, reported their total compensation had increased over the last year.  


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Learn More About the Project Economy

Sunil Prashara and Shari Woodruff

Global Trends Driving The Project Economy

In this conversation, PMI President & CEO Sunil Prashara explores some of the global trends, impacts and opportunities that are reshaping the world as we know it. Organizations and economies around the world are in a race to solve big challenges and ensure their continued relevance – and the ways we are all working must change to accommodate these tectonic shifts. Listen to Sunil’s thoughts on some of the major global trends that are driving The Project Economy.


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The Project Economy is Here

The Project Economy offers so much rich potential as society optimizes and extends the amazing achievements that technological advance now puts at our fingertips. It is no surprise that disruption accompanies change, and that there can be resistance to that which is different. But if we can view the world through this new, future-focused lens, we can prepare ourselves, our organizations, and our society to make the most of the opportunity. 


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Work has Changed. Here’s What that Means.

“Project” is a huge, broad word that has such rich possibilities in terms of helping define how people do what they do and how organizations achieve their goals, create change, and deliver value. We are moving toward not defining work by its features or attributes, but in terms of what needs to get done, and figuring out the best way to do it. We call this The Project Economy